Help ship British Essentials to Ukraine


More than half a million people are fleeing their homes to escape the conflict in Ukraine. Leaving behind livelihoods, belongings and loved ones, Ukrainian people now face an uncertain future. Families have been separated. People have been injured. Lives have been lost.

There are now fast becoming shortages of food, medical supplies and other essential items such as toiletries, nappies, sanitary towels etc. As the crisis further intensifies the demand for these items drastically increases.

Ensuring that these items are safely received by the Ukrainian people is a logistics process that requires knowledge, expertise and experience. 

British Essentials who have been working in food & drink export industry since 2014 are able to offer our help directly to the people of Ukraine during the conflict. We believe that it is incumbent upon us to utilise our logistics partners, network and expertise to assist in transporting these required items out to Ukraine quickly and efficiently.

By working alongside one of our delivery partners we have acquired a private truck that is able to take aid directly into the city of Lviv, Ukraine on a weekly basis. 

There are many people who want to help but are unsure exactly how they can or even how their donation will be used. By supporting this appeal you will be helping directly with the urgent humanitarian needs of Ukraine.

How your donation will help:

Your donation will be used for sourcing the below items which are in very high demand as per Ukrainian sourcesAll items are then packaged in our Cambridge, UK warehouse and transported by road on the truck to the Lviv, Ukraine depot where the items will then be distributed to individuals and families in need.

 Food & Drink Nappies Baby Food & Products Toiletries
 First Aid Items Medicinal Items

Please note 100% of donations will be used solely for sourcing the above itemsAll shipping and packaging costs will be covered by British Essentials and our delivery partners. 

Please donate today:

Thank you for your generous help,

British Essentials Team