Oral-B Pro-Expert Clean Mint Toothpaste 75ml

by Oral B

Pro-Expert Antibacterial & Fluoride Toothpaste Clean Mint All-Around Protection Protects the areas dentists check most! All-Round Protection contains a Polyfluoride System consisting of an antibacterial fluoride and Active Clean Crystals to provide a unique cleaning sensation. With regular brushing, Oral-B Pro-Expert All-Around Protection Toothpaste helps: - Prevent cavities; - Prevent plaque; - Prevent gum problems; - Prevent tartar; - Prevent enamel erosion; - Freshen breath; - Whiten teeth by removing surface stains; - Build increasing protection against painful sensitivity. - Prepare and Use: For complete oral care, also use an Oral B toothbrush and visit your dentist regularly. Contains Stannous Fluoride (1100ppm Fluoride) and Sodium Fluoride (350ppm Fluoride). Children under the age of 12 should not use Oral-B Pro-Expert

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