10 Fascinating Facts About The English For St Georges Day

10 fascinating facts about the english for st georges day

How did a man born in Cappadocia in AD 270 become the patron saint of England? Also, why the heck do we not have bank holiday for him already.

Big Ben is in fact the name of the bell that chimes not the clock itself, people who point this out also share the name ‘bell’ as well.

big ben bell

The term ‘just a few’ is now a certified unit of measurement, not a accurate one mind since it varies from person to person. Some intending it to mean around 2 of something and others around 14.


The queen is said to own all the swans in the UK but this simply not true, she owns all the corgis. She also claims that she could kill a horse with a single punch, An OAP female chuck norris if you will.


Spotted dick is something we eat instead of something we go to see the doctor about.

spotted dick

Cash machines in the UK create a field of distrust 2 meters big, someone says the machine is broken? Liars all of them. Even if you see the error yourself, your card will work trust us.

cash machine

Hearing someone proudly claim they “tell it like it is” and immediately knowing that person is a colossal bellend.

tell it like it is meme

‘Sorry’ being an integral part of your vocabulary, someone trod on your foot? “Sorry” opened the dishwasher whilst its still running? “Sorry” you get the picture.


Queuing, to everyone else a chore. However to the English it is an art form. Never have you seen more of a total feeling of togetherness. Its world conquering


Having our coins not in ‘worth order’ it completely makes sense that the 2p’s are fricking huge and the 5p’s are smaller than my bank balance after ‘a couple’ of drinks. New £1 coins are nice though

english coins

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