2 blossoming expat communities in countries you may NOT have considered

Emigration destinations, at least the usual ones are usually trendy countries with big cities like Australia, Spain, or the US. Hundreds of thousands of people emigrate from the UK each year and destinations are more diverse than ever.

Along with these countries getting the most of the leavers, a couple of countries have been quietly getting more popular for expats. These include Taiwan & Costa Rica, in this blog we will dive into why this is the case!


Taiwan isn't the most popular destination for British expats, but it currently ranks #1 in the world for total expat destinations. Beyond this, Taiwan also ranks highly for standard of living, this includes things such as leisure, travel, transport, safety and security, personal happiness and health and well-being. So pretty good all round!

From the bewitching beauty of Taroko Gorge to the incredibly charming streets of Jiufen, the beauty of Taiwan is one of its biggest selling points.

In terms of living costs Taiwan is at least 1/10 lower than in the UK, rent is a massive ½ of that on average than the UK. Brilliant I hear you cry! ‘Those freddos were the last straw in today's economy! But am i gonna make friends? Are people friendly?’ well good news everyone! The local populace is known for being friendly and welcoming and Taiwan’s expat community has really come along in recent years, with increasing numbers of Brits setting up shop in the nation so you'll have a familiar and friendly faces as well.GETTY

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, the retirement home of the south americans, this due to its affordable cost of living, low levels of crime, high standard of life and extremely attractive landscapes. The country is known for its grand landscapes, deserted paradisiacal beaches, turquoise seas, quiet communities, markets and grand bustling modern cities.

Employment has blown up massively in Costa Rica  blossomed, as many multinationals take advantage of its free trade zones, rich environment, agriculture and ecotourism.

Costa Rica is world-renowned for its coffee, pineapple and banana production, with the nation profiting greatly from its fertile soil. In terms of savings, your hard-earned cash will go a lot further here, with the cost of living being on average 24 per cent lower than in the UK and rent itself being 48 per cent lower, whilst real estate remains at absolute bargain prices

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