British Easter Food Updated for 2017!

Since summer is on its way again we have decided, to revisit our favourite foods to shove in your face over the Easter period once again we have sum traditional treats mixed in with unique takes, along with surprising items to try.

1. Hot Cross Buns

hot Cross Buns

Well start off with most well known item on the Easter menu, the classic hot cross bun. With the use of honey and currants this is certainly a treat for those with a sweet tooth, with our version we add a peeled and finely chopped apple as well to go with the currants. They go brilliant together!

2. Lamb

easter lamb

Lamb is a staple of Easter time, Most people (quite rightly) stick with a sprinkling of mint with the meat being roasted in its own fat. However we prefer a slow cooked approach, using a slow cooker with lemon juice.

3. Chocolate

british easter

Well this one is obvious...chocolate should of course be on the menu for the easter weekend, Our favorite variety is orange chocolate, <a href="">terrys </a> specifically. 

4. Simnel Cake

british easter

Simnel Cake is probably the least known of the food on this list, but its something that deserves to be here, the British fruit cake is made with 11 marzipan balls to signify Jeusus's apostles. 

Top Tip: use a sprinkling of ginger to enhance the flavour when baking

5. Butter Spritz Biscuits

Butter Spritz Biscuits

Another rather unknown treat, these biscuits have a Shortbread taste to them since of the amount of butter used, we use a teaspoon of vanilla extract to give it a bit more sweetness along with only 30 minutes prep and cook time make this a easy item to cook up as well.

6.International Favourites!

Well we are all about food and food abroad! to start we have pashka a pyramid shaped cheese desert which can be decorated with chocolate (fun fact, the shape is meant to symbolize the second coming of christ)

International Favourites!

Pacoca is a Brazilian treat made with peanuts cassava flour and and sugar, (all the calories!) it us usually eaten alongside the countries Easter festival.




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