A Typical Halloween Experience for the British.

With Halloween around the corner we at British Essentials have decided to look further into this spooky annual tradition, and pick apart the good, bad and the ugly... 

So you are winding down after a long day and then hear the dreaded doorbell. Do we really enjoy being annoyed in our own home and blackmailed to buy British sweets or ‘candy’ to give to the village kids? Who then who have an excuse to run around screaming like sugar charged brats! Got to love Halloween!


british pumpkin

Above British VS American Pumpkin carving.

i know what you did movie

Yes, yes, we know what you did last summer and we know what you did this Halloween, and we also know what you will be doing next Halloween -  You would have watched another shocking teenage Halloween movie.




So when did these “sexy” Halloween costumes now become seen as acceptable. Just another excuse by some to go out wearing nothing I guess!



hotdog woman

On the flip side so called non sexy Halloween costumes are now acceptable to go out in if you’re British. Because nothing says “Halloween” like a jumbo hotdog with extra cheese. 

halloween dog

Halloween costumes for pets. Does your pet look happy to you? No. (Possibly not to sexy enough for him this Halloween)



halloween gifts

Being a Brit we now feel obliged to spend money on a load of tat we will never, ever use again. Not even next Halloween.




An organised Halloween party aka “The British idea of hell”. But hey - at least Hell is Halloween-themed, right?





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