Alternative Easter Treats For People Who Don’t Like Chocolate

Year after year Easter is becoming a bigger cause for celebration here in the UK. Although the religious connotations aren’t as prominent as they once were, it is still a holiday that is well looked forward to by many people up and down the country. Of course, it goes without saying that the majority of children look forward to Easter for one thing, the masses of chocolate eggs that they will receive. 

Whilst chocolate plays a huge part in the Easter holidays, surprisingly to some, there are actually quite a few adults and children out there who don’t like chocolate. This can make purchasing Easter-related gifts quite difficult, to say the least. If your little one isn’t fused by chocolate and you’re tearing your hair out looking for an alternative to give them this Easter, keep reading today, British Essentials have some great ideas for you. 

Easter sweets 

It goes without saying that the easiest swap is to purchase sweets instead of chocolate. Whether you go for a classic big tub of Haribo or lots of different smaller bags of sweets like Fruit-tella and Maoam, you can guarantee that they will go down well with your little one. You can even make a personalised little hamper for them with all of their favourites. You may find that some big brands make specific Easter shaped sweets too, such as Bassett's jelly bunnies, so keep an eye out for these. 

Easter cakes

You could also swap the chocolate for some cute individual cupcakes. You could even make these cakes together too for an Easter-themed afternoon in. Why not purchase some bunny cupcake cases, little Easter-related cake decorations and different coloured icing to create your own perfect Easter cakes? You can guarantee that your little one will enjoy making the cakes as much as they do eating them. 

Easter savouries 

If you think that you’d rather steer away from sweet food all together then you can purchase some Easter-themed savoury treats instead. Easter eggs made from cheese are incredibly popular this year and lots of big named brands are bringing them to UK grocery stores. Of course, you also have your classic crisps and you can even get some packs that are Easter-themed such as ‘bunny bites’, they are similar to Pom Bears just a different shape. 

Easter crafts 

Some parents would rather avoid purchasing food as a gift all together, so in this case, art and craft items are perfect. Thankfully, lots of British stores will have an amazing selection of Easter crafts for you to purchase. From Easter stickers to stamp sets, there are so many craft items that are great for this time of year. You could even give these craft bits to your little one in a bunny backpack for the perfect finishing touches to their Easter gift. 

Purchasing Easter gifts 

Thankfully, there are so many unique gift options out there so you don’t need to be restricted with your Easter treats this year. Hopefully, using the ideas above you can find the perfect gift for your little one this Easter without having to go down the chocolate aisle in your local British food shop. Whatever you choose from the list above, you can guarantee that they will be happy to receive it. 

If you’re abroad this Easter but you’re still wanted to purchase British goods specifically for this time of year, don’t worry, British Essentials is here to help. As a British import store, you can trust that you’ll be able to get all of your traditionally British goods all in one place. Whether you’re searching for Cadbury Easter eggs or Haribo Easter sweets You can find it easily on our easy to use website. Enjoy stocking up on all of your British favourites all year round. 

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