An Expats Christmas

Most expats feel periods of loneliness at times, its natural. Christmas time however can be the worst especially if you’re in a country that doesn’t celebrate traditional Christmas or any holiday at all this time of year.

Have Christmas Dinner with a Local Twist

Perhaps turkey is not available? No pigs in blankets (Jesus wept) A roast chicken will do! They're all the same anyways right, get some local cuisine involved form where you are currently living. No Christmas tree?  Christmas palm trees it is. No snow? Sandman!

Invite New People to Your Christmas Dinner

So you’ve not got your family or friends this christmas? So what here's what you do Step: 1 don't cry Step 2: extend an invitation to other people you don’t know very well, or perhaps at all. ‘Why would i do that!?’ you ask, well what's the alternative? Picking at roast potatoes on your own christmas day? Now that would suck. Now is the perfect time to show your Christmas spirit with an invitation that will be well received, since Christmas is lonely for many expats. You can ask other expats over to yours. You could even go as far as post something online so that interested people can contact you. You may just make some new friends.  

Buy Yourself a Gift

Well It is Christmas after all! Time is our most precious resource and we have one tip for being happy while living abroad that surpasses all others. It especially applies at Christmas time.

Do Something Fun

Spending Christmas day doing something you wouldn't normally do or can't do back here in the UK, Snorkelling and getting a massage on the beach/skiing if its cold, get out and make different kind of christmas memories for yourself with friends.

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