Best Ice Creams

Summer has finally decided to arrive! To celebrate we’ve had a chat in the office about our favourite ice creams, some old favourites were mentioned, some surprises and also forgotten favourites. So let's share!




You cannot beat a calippo on a hot, hot day, childhoods were based on 3 things for me, 1. Boege food 2. Football and 3. E numbers//sugar. Most of which came from calippo’s.

Sweetness  not tasted since the first discovery of coco and a dose of nostalgia in one pop-up tube, Shame about the soggy paper top of the packet.


Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough


Ice cream may have sampled the Ben & Jerry's Core Sundaes in Cinemas - it's basically two different types of ice cream swirled with a huge dollop of American-style fudge, chocolate and whipped cream. The (slightly) less sickly and more affordable Core tubs are epic - we sat and ate a whole batch in the Stylist office this afternoon and felt very sick, but so so happy. The Dough-ble Whammy is our favourite.


Choc Ice


When you're down on your cash, this legend of a sweet treat will always have your back, it is pure nostalgia. Who doesn't remember cracking out a Choc Ice from your nans fridge during the summer holidays whilst somebody waves a magnum in your face...




Another childhood classic - we were sceptical when Fab revamped their ice lolly in Apple and Blackcurrant, but it really does work.




It was hard to choose a favourite Magnum. Really hard. But for some reason the White Chocolate Magnum feels especially fancy and above the regular ones.


Mars ice creams


Our Entertainment Editor Debbie McQuoid says of the Mars: "Totally sickening but I remember the excitement when they first launched in the 80s. I was in Primary School. It was carnage." Enough said.




The Maxibon started out as a guilty pleasure on many a European summer break - and now they're available in the UK. Let the scoffing commence.


Mr Whippy


The daddy of all ice creams - this whipped, pure white classic (with a flake, of course) reigned supreme before fancier rivals from America and Italy came overseas. But we'll always stay true to a 99 in the park.


Häagen-Dazs’ Mint Leaves & Chocolate


Basically a very fancy version of venietta, (which is already fancy in itself) how could we leave leave it off our list and not live in our hearts.




The perfect blend of creamy ice cream and ice lolly - this underrated treat does not get enough love and should very have!


Ben & Jerry's Wich


Ok, let's be real, ben and jerry's are the bee's knees, so how could we not have at least 2 ben and jerry's ice creams on our list!? And of course have you tried the 'Wich'?! so wrong, but so right. Feels like you’ve just inhaled a solid slab of diabetes.

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