British Chocolate You Need To Try

Who doesn’t love chocolate? People will argue that chocolate really is the solution to all of life's problems. It’s no wonder that the plant from which this delicious treat comes from is called theobroma, derived from the Greek for ‘food of the gods’. 

There is no denying that Britain is a nation of chocolate-lovers. Any supermarket or corner shop that you enter is guaranteed to have rows and rows of treats to choose from, making it incredibly difficult to pick just one. If you have never had British chocolate before then, you are in for a treat, and we have put together a list of British chocolate you absolutely have to try. 

Dairy Milk 

The holy grail of British chocolate, it doesn’t get better than Cadbury’s dairy milk. Cadbury has been gracing the shelves in England for nearly 200 years now and has gone from strength to strength over the years. The classic dairy milk bar is pure Cadbury’s chocolate with no fancy extras, it's all you need. 


If you’re looking for a piece of chocolate that melts in the mouth you have to choose Galaxy. This is probably one of the most creamy chocolates available on the British market and although it is available in share bars, you won’t want to share it with anyone else. 


The controversial white chocolate. Even if you don’t agree with white chocolate, there is no way that you cannot love a Milkybar. In 2017 Nestlé made some changes to ensure that Milkybars were free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and sweeteners. Meaning, it isn’t doesn’t only taste amazing but it is healthier than other chocolate on the market. 


Probably one of the most moreish chocolates you will ever try. Although it is a surprisingly simple confection, malt honeycomb balls covered in chocolate, they are incredible. But it’s okay if you eat a whole share bag as they are "the lighter way to enjoy chocolate". 

Terry’s Chocolate Orange 

A real game-changer in the chocolate world, being a piece of chocolate which is shaped like an orange and sliced like an orange. Not only does it look like this delicious fruit, but you actually get real orange flavour with every bite. You can never be disappointed when someone hands you a chocolate orange


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any different, this is a chocolate bar where the chocolate is filled with air bubbles. This is another chocolate bar that melts in the mouth and it is a firm favourite by many. Whether you choose the plain bar or the mint bar you will be left wanting more.  


Every child's favourite chocolate. They are very different from the American ‘Smarties’, as essentially these are little disks of chocolate covered in a crisp sugar shell. Packaged in a tube rather than a standard packet, you will have to stop yourself tipping the whole tube into your mouth at once. 


Thorntons is one of the most famous chocolate brands on the UK High Street, after crafting chocolates for over 100 years. With their vast range of flavours and fillings to choose from, there is always something for everyone in Thorntons range, making them the perfect gifts - or even just a little treat. 

Where can I get this chocolate? 

Do not fear, if you don’t live in the UK you can still get your hands on these delicious British treats.

Simply shop online at British Essentials and you can get all of your favourite British food abroad. You will find all of the best British candy and snacks along with savoury food and even drinks online here. It is your one-stop-shop for all British food supplies. 

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