British Summer Time

Unmistakable signs of summer in the UK

The weather improves...

"I just can't believe how sunny it is! Can you believe how warm it is? It was cold this time last week!" "I can't stop sneezing and it's just too hot for me. I can't wait for winter, I'm more of a winter person."

Good chat Karen it's not like a have a window in every room in my house or anything.

Oh then there's the rakes that take their tops off as soon as soon as possible, it's like when the clocks go back for British summer time you know the it's summer now! Now i would mind this up until i saw someone topless walking round the freezer section of Tesco's complaining its cold! Put your shirt back on.

If you're a pasty soul like myself people among us who burn easily. Sun cream is a necessity, thus creating the dilemma of making sure all of the spots are covered. Always remember...

Stay safe in the sun, people.

Then of course the hashtags come out….

“The tiniest bit of sun means rooftop bars are acceptable, yeah? #cocktails #camden #rooftopbar #sunshine”

Gotta get those likes and comments kids! Speaking of drinks….Drinking in the daytime - just because you can

Nothing like the sun to come out and make every Brit slap on some shorts and down a load of Kopparbergs in the nearest garden as fast as possible like its going out of fashion.

What's that you're hearing from the peaceful beer garden? Oh my its...

Craig David tracks blaring from a blooming car window, we wouldn't accept this  in January so why do we now?! Ah well, let's get a ice cream… after all is there anything more British than a cone, soft-serve ice cream and a Flake? Never mind that a 99 flake doesn't cost 99p anymore. Inflation, we hate you.

Ah well, you've had your flake, now you have started to get hungry. I know! Spontaneous BBQ!

What a wonderful idea. Let's all rush to the nearest Asda and buy as much bread and meat as possible. There's no way we'll be able to eat it all, but it'll be nice to dine outside - BECAUSE WE CAN. Then….Get angry because you can't light the barbecue

It's been so long since you last used it, your barbecue has gone a bit rusty and you can't for the life of you remember how to get it going. Half an hour (and half a newspaper) later, you've managed to produce some tiny flames. Great success end up eating inside because it's raining

It took you so long to get the grill hot enough to cook with that the heavens have now opened and your buns are getting all soggy. You end up eating your burgers on the sofa anyway while the nominated chef takes refuge under an umbrella in the garden.

british summer

  1. Every shop,and we mean EVERY SHOP, selling bags of charcoal like it's going out of fashion
  2. People saying, “that's summer done then” every time a single cloud appears.
  3. Making eye contact with Janet next door when she decides to sunbathe in the garden and  seeing unexpected bits of them…
  4. Pubs taking bookings for Christmas dinner.
  5. Filling your drink with fruit and feeling fancy as heck.
  6. Untangling the garden hose while moaning, “Which plank did this?” and then remembering it was you last year.
  7. “What's the point of blooming wasps?!”
  8. The England flag hanging out someone's window
  9. There's always someone that says “I like it warm but not this warm!” (pro tip, pass them a feast and tell them to get over it)
  10. Starting May eating salads and plain chicken breast  and ending July eating ½ burgers with extra cheese, chips and ice cream.
  11. Children (and some adults) sticking their heads in supermarket freezers to cool down.
  12. Hearing 7 ice-cream vans on a trip to take the bins out.
  13. Getting the fan out (not a euphemism) and thinking “if I have it on the turn setting itll help more!” when all it does is help stream warm air around the room.
  14. Young men thinking a pair of jean shorts, a gold chain and t shirt on their shoulder is appropriate wear for walking round town drinking a Stella, driving, shopping, working, attending aunt Pat’s wedding, etc.
  15. Shivering in a pub garden at 10.30pm but refusing to go in because it’s still light.
  16. Getting sunburned in your lunch hour because you want to get a tan and don't want to put on sun cream because “I won't get burnt”.
  17. Feeling obligated to go outside and "take advantage of the lovely weather" when you actually want to play computer games and watch Netflix.
  18. Knowing today's temperature.

british summer

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