Classic British Sweets Everyone Loves

As well as being a nation of chocolate lovers, there is no denying that Brits love a bag of sweets too (or candy if you're from the USA). Whether you’ve got a bag in the car ready for a long journey or a packet in your work drawer for a little treat throughout the day, everyone has their own stash of classic British sweets somewhere or a reason for purchasing a new bag. 

Of course, when it comes to choosing your favourite sweets, it isn’t always an easy job, there are lots of brands and classic go-to’s to pick from. If you’ve never been to a British shop before or you’re unsure which sweets to try first, keep reading today. Our team of British sweet lovers have put together a list of classics that everyone loves. 

Liquorice Allsorts

If you love liquorice then these are a must-have for you. Maynard Bassetts brought us Liquorice Allsorts many years ago and they have been enjoyed by Brits ever since. Even if you’re not a huge fan of liquorice, you will be surprised just how delicious these sweets are. The bright colours, different textures and numerous shapes of these British sweets make them fun for the whole family to enjoy. They are definitely worth a try.  

Wine Gums

Another brilliant British sweet that was brought to us by Maynard Bassetts is Wine Gums. These hard chewy sweets are a real classic and there is nothing not to like about them. Again, there are numerous shaped sweets in the pack and also different flavours to choose from. Often, you’ll find yourself fighting for the red and black sweets, red berries and blackcurrant flavours tend to be an all-time favourite for many.  

Fruit Pastilles

These are very similar to Wine Gums but, they are a different shape and also have a delicious sugary coating to them. Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles have been around since the late eighteen hundreds and they continue to be popular. These British sweets come in five different flavours; lemon, lime, strawberry, blackcurrant and orange, everyone has their own favourite. Again, the berry and blackcurrant tend to be the first go-to for the majority.

Polo Mints 

You can almost guarantee that if someone offers you a mint in the UK then it will be a Polo Mint. These days, you can get such a huge range of Polos from extra strong and spearmint to fruit Polos, there is something for everyone. These little round British sweets are known for their defining feature, the whole in the middle, and they continue to be a favourite British sweet for many people.  

Murray Mints 

Stereotypically, you can expect to find these in your grandparent’s handbag or cupboard. Bassett's Murray Mints are individually wrapped mint-flavoured caramels and when they were introduced back in the mid-nineteen hundreds, they really were one of a kind. Nowadays, you can purchase Murray Mints by themselves or you can find them in multi-packs of mints alongside some other classic British sweets. 

Refreshers Bar

These are a brilliant choice for children. You can almost guarantee that all British shops, especially little corner shops, will have Refreshers Bars to purchase and they are usually around 10p a bar. Swizzles created these sweets to stand out from the rest and their unique sherbert centre ensures that they do. The two classic flavours are lemon and strawberry and, as well as being a bar, you can purchase Refreshers as individually wrapped cubes too. 


Lastly, but by no means least, this is another classic British sweet that your little ones will love. These are often compared to classics like Starburst but, Fruittella sweets are made with real fruit juice, natural colours and natural flavours. The favourite flavour of these British sweets is strawberry but, they do also come in a wide selection of other flavours too. So, if you enjoy the strawberry, be sure to try some others. 


Purchasing British sweets 

You can trust that if you buy any of the sweets mentioned above, you will be more than happy with your choice. They are all classics and have been enjoyed by people of all ages here in the UK. If you can’t get to a British shop and you’re currently living abroad, don’t worry you can still get your hands on these British sweets, simply visit the British Essentials website today. 

Here at British Essentials, we can provide you with British sweets from some of the biggest named brands. You can trust that we will have all of your favourite British items available to purchase so, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can still enjoy all of the amazing sweet treats that the UK has to offer. 

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