Delicious Treats For Your Bank Holiday Get Together

Many people love spring because after the long, dark, wet winter months it is quite literally a breath of fresh air. Of course, the days are starting to get lighter, the weather is finally improving and the flowers are beginning to bloom, what’s not to love. The fact that there are multiple bank holidays in the spring months is just an added bonus. 

From Good Friday to the early May bank holiday, spring gives you the chance to spend multiple long weekends with your friends and family. It really is the perfect time of year to arrange a get together and, to help anyone considering inviting people round on a bank holiday, British Essentials have put together a food guide that will help you provide a range of delicious treats for your guests. 

Tasty meals 

Whenever you invite people around your house, the best types of main dishes to serve are those that can cater for more people if unexpected visitors turn up and, dishes that are self-serve and relaxed but, also incredibly delicious at the same time. 

At this time of year, many people decide to bring their BBQ back out for the first time and often if the weather is on their side, this will be the go-to when feeding lots of people. Pick a selection of meat, fish or vegetarian dishes to pop on the BBQ with a range of seasonings and then simply offer a selection of accompanying dishes such as pasta salad, coleslaw and potatoes to finish off your main meal. 

Sweet treats 

Of course, there is always a need for sweet treats at a get-together and it is often best to offer a range of sweet treats to your guests. Whether you want to make big deserts that can be sliced and shared or you’d rather make individual minis, you can trust that they will be a big hit. 

Whilst there are a few traditional sweet treats that are specifically associated with this time of year, spring is also perfect for zesty cheesecakes, fruit tarts, creamy pavlovas and English trifles. Having visitors is also the perfect excuse to bake and elaborately decorate a huge cake and, it is often the case that around this time of year people use Easter chocolate, such as mini eggs, as decorations. 

Yummy snacks 

Usually, when inviting people over you will have some time in between their arrival and serving the main meal, so people tend to have a selection of small snacks to offer. These don’t need to be impressive or take up your time, they’re usually the easiest part of hosting. 

No matter what time of year you invite people over, the selection of snacks people tend to offer stay the same. Providing sharing bowls of things such as crisps and peanuts is usually a safe option and you can trust that they will be enjoyed by everyone. In spring/summer, it may also be worth offering a range of fresh fruit to your guests too. Thankfully, lots of fruit are in season at this time of year in the UK so, you will have a selection to choose from. 

Refreshing drinks 

The final thing to consider for your guests is the drinks that you’ll offer. Whilst the majority of people will bring some drinks with them, you will probably want to have a selection that you provide them too. 

There is no denying that all British food shops have a huge selection of drinks to choose from and it is quite easy to cover everyone in this regard. Whilst some may want a classic cup of tea or coffee, if the weather is nice people will prefer a refreshing drink. Why not impress your guests with a fruity punch that they can help themselves too or, simply purchase a range of individual cans that you can easily offer to your guests? Make things easy for yourself in this regard so that you can enjoy the party too. 

Preparing for a bank holiday get together

The delicious treats mentioned above are all perfect for your bank holiday get together and no matter what type of gathering you are having, you can trust that they are versatile and can please everyone. Whether you’re inviting the family round for Easter weekend or you’re getting your friends together for the spring bank holiday, you won’t have to panic about what to cook. 

If you’re searching for a website that can provide you with your British food supplies, no matter where you are in the world, British Essentials is the best site to visit. We specialise in British food imports and can provide you with all of your big named brands ready for your bank holiday celebrations. From biscuits, snacks and crisps to herbs, spices and seasoning, we have you covered and British Essentials have made it easier than ever before to buy British foods. 

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