Footballs Back!

Its back! The highs, the lows, Arsenal finishing 4th it’s all back for a new season! To celebrate the beautiful game returning to the domestic calendar we have made a list of foods more essential than having PSG to win on your accumulator.

Whether it's the classic pie or a posh burger we all have our favourites, so as always we’ve had a chat in the office about what are our favourites to have when sat in the stands or in front of the telly.

Pie or not to Pie?

Steak and kidney is the footy fans go to pie, simple and easy to eat with very little mess its British essentials favourite pie. (Apart from Emma's she prefers chicken and mushroom)

Oh how I love to be by the sea side

Fish and chips are a regular inclusion for saturday lunchtime kickoffs, (Office favourite is Haddock) salt, vinegar (ew) and maybe a battered sausage as well ifyour really hungry.

Rashers galore

Bacon sarny, buttie, cap whatever you call it the bacon sandwich has been around the terraces for years helping hungry fans fill that gap between lunch time and when they get back home for dinner.

Spice the Saturday up

Curry - an adopted english classic and real football food. A large bowl of curry is again, great food to feed a crowd. Most curry is quick and simple to make we would go for Chicken Tikka Masala.

Sweeten Everyone Up

We know we know, it's not necessarily a ‘football snack’ but all that high energy watching means something sweet will be more than likely needed for either that last minute free kick a injury time scramble clearance

Don't Forget the Beverages

The drink of choice for the game is, of course, bee  and lots of it. It's not everyone's cup of tea though so make sure there are soft drinks as well.

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