Getting Through COVID-19 When You’re An Expat

There is no denying that this year has been incredibly difficult for lots of people and with no end to the current pandemic in sight, many are struggling with day-to-day life. For some, although we’re going through a time of great uncertainty, they have been lucky enough to be at home with their families, friends and comforts, however, this isn’t the same for everyone. Expats, in particular, who are currently living in a foreign country, are having to get through COVID-19 away from home and many are understandably feeling isolated and abandoned.

The beauty of being able to live and work anywhere nowadays means that it isn’t uncommon for people to travel the world and normally, it can be fairly straightforward to do so. With the increasing number of restrictions being put in place by Governments all over the world, this isn’t the case anymore and unfortunately, some expats have found themselves stuck in a country and unable to get home. To try and help expats during these hard times, we have put together some information that you may find beneficial. 

Keeping in contact with loved ones 

When people feel threatened or scared it is their natural instinct to want to go home. The fact that many expats are unable to do so at the moment is making the situation worse for them and also, not knowing when they will next be able to go home increases these difficulties further. 

Whilst you may be unable to physically see family and friends, thankfully due to technology, it is incredibly easy to keep in contact with them. Arranging to video call with loved ones can give you something to look forward to and also allow you to catch up with the people you care about most. This can help to take your mind off the current situation for a little while too. 

Staying up to date with local laws and restrictions 

Even those who have been living in a new country for years now can feel disconnected from the culture where they are. Now, the Government’s response to the pandemic will test their tolerance of ‘being an outsider’ and can make some people feel vulnerable. 

The decisions being made may be affecting your quality of life and freedom, but it is important to remind yourself why they have been put in place. Try to stay up to date with any new local laws and restrictions, and follow the advice of local authorities. Doing so can help to prevent any additional problems from arising and adding more stress to the situation. 

Being aware of health care and insurance 

As you’re probably well aware, not all countries have public health care as we do here in the UK and different places have different regulations surrounding medical care. Understandably, this can cause panic in times of medical emergencies, such as the pandemic we’re facing. 

To help prevent the worry of what may happen should you require medical assistance, take the time to go over your current medical cover and check that your travel or health plans are adequate. If you’re ever unsure in this regard, ensure that you do some research and contact a company that may be able to help. You can then have complete peace of mind. 

How British Essentials can help expats 

Hopefully, the information above will be useful to anyone who is currently living in a foreign country and if you require further assistance, please visit the UK Gov website. Whilst the lure of the dream expat life may have faded for now, it is likely that it will be back and as soon as things begin to return to some form of normality. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has caused some people living abroad to rethink their long-term plans, if you decide to stay where you are, you won’t be alone in this decision and there will be others in a similar position. 

Here at British Essentials, we have been exporting products since 2014 and no matter where you are in the world, if you’re missing your home comforts, be sure to visit our site. Think of us as an online British store that sells off of the products you love and even in these uncertain times, you can rely on us to provide you with everything you would usually stock up on when visiting home. We pride ourselves on making British products accessible to everyone, so browse our site today to see what we can offer.
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