Old Favourite Snacks That Brits Would Love To Come Back

When growing up here in the UK, it is fair to say that every child had their favourite snacks. Whether these were the crisps and bars that they’d have in their lunchbox or the sweets and chocolates that they’d have as a weekend treat, there were so many incredible snacks that people indulged in throughout their younger years. Unfortunately, many of these are no longer on the shelves of supermarkets and they are definitely missed. 

Whilst there are some iconic snacks that Brits remember for all of the wrong reasons, there are others that they would love to bring back and enjoy 5, 10 or 20 years on. You probably know exactly what snack would be first on your list when thinking of what you’d love to see back in your local corner shop and it is likely that many other Brits would agree with you. In case you’ve forgotten any of the classics, below is a list of some of the most loved old snacks. 

Cadbury Dream Bar 

If you love white chocolate then you will definitely remember Cadbury’s Dream Bar. Originally brought out in 2002, unfortunately, this smooth and creamy bar didn’t last long and was discontinued a few years later. Thankfully, Cadbury has listened to requests and they have some amazing new white chocolate alternatives these days. 

Jacobs Crinklys

Jacobs Mini Cheddars are still a commonly enjoyed snack here in the UK, but many miss the crinkled crisp they used to make. Whilst you may be able to get your hands on some Jacobs Crinklys, many will argue that it is the best flavours that have been completely discontinued. 

Mars Delight Bar 

This incredible chocolate bar was only sold for four years, yet lots of people still talk about Mars Delight Bars. As far as British snacks are concerned, this fancier version of a normal Mars bar was considered top tier and many miss this light bar with its caramel, wafer and milk chocolate centre.

McVities Penguin Flipper Dipper 

Lots of Brits turn straight to McVities when wanting a biscuit and this has been the case for many years. A Penguin Flipper dipper was a classic lunchbox snack and although it was really just penguin-shaped biscuits with a milk and white chocolate dip, it really was superior. Thankfully, we still have classic Penguin Bars for lunch boxes nowadays. 

Mini Pringles 

This is another lunch box classic and as the name suggests, Mini Pringles were just a scaled down version of the tubed crisps we all know and love. Thankfully, standard pringles aren’t going anywhere so you can simply swap this portion-controlled snack for a much bigger tube. 

Mars Planets 

Mars gave us the perfect soft, crispy and chewy mix with their bags of Mars Planets, but they were discontinued back in 2007. We had some hope when they were later rebranded as Mars Mix, yet these didn’t last long on our shelves either. The thing most people miss about this bag of chocolates is that they were all delicious, so you never got any nasty surprises.

Cadbury Snaps 

When arranging a family get-together, many would get a box or two of Cadbury Snaps. These Pringles-esque chocolates were available in a range of delicious flavours, but they slowly disappeared from shops in 2010. They are now almost impossible to get hold of. 

Purchasing British snacks online 

There is no denying that here in the UK we really have had some brilliant snacks over the years. It is highly likely that if you have ever lived in the UK or you have visited frequently in the past then you will recognise some of the incredible snacks mentioned above. It is fair to say that all of these were firm favourites for many over the years and if they were brought back to supermarket shelves they would definitely be purchased in bulk. 

Whilst we can’t bring back any snacks that have been discontinued, here at British Essentials we can supply you with all of the incredible snacks that you can still get in supermarkets here in the UK. As an import store, we make it easier for people living outside of the UK to purchase British snacks online and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can get your hands on all of your favourites. Feel free to browse our website today.
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Helen - September 8, 2021

I would love to see ‘Blackjacks’ and ‘Fruit Salad’ sweets come back.

Leila - September 8, 2021

Proper walnut whips, the shell used to be piped thickly, not like todays version. Also, coffee flavoured!
Nutty roll, that delicious toffy, nutty cylinder shaped bar, absolutely to die for. Ice breaker, milk chocolate with crisp mint pieces in the midst. 5 fruit flavoured Fry’s chocolate bar. Weekend, the boxed assortment of chocs and fondants, much missed by me and many others. Omg happy days they were…

Ian Woodward - December 16, 2020

The Phileas Fogg bagels and mignons morceaux were sadly missed when they concentrated on the crisp market, as no -one else was doing crisps!! FCOL. Smiths Square cut crisps, Potato Puffs and Lattice Crisps, I know you can get the kettle chip version but they are really hard all long gone even though very popular, Sometimes I feel that marketing people have had their brains removed when they make these really poor decisions.

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