So You Want To Travel The World?

Sitting in front of a computer under dim ceiling lights, nursing a hangover into a conference room to zone out under the voice of a manic boss.

Sounds like the perfect reason to quit your job, travel and it be the best thing in the world,  the truth is however the travelers lifestyle is filled with tough moments and it’s definitely not for everyone. Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  1. How happy are you right now?

When life gets tough, it’s natural to want to escape, start over and what not when you go through hard times, it motivates you to change. Whether that be where you choose to live people you see or your body. Travel can be an escape, opens you up to the beauty of the world, make you grateful for the simple things you take for granted.

So if you simply can’t spend another second doing the same thing over and over again, it’s time to consider saving up as much money as you can and begin planning your trip. Life is too short to be unhappy. Pick a destination and book your ticket to go see the world.

  1. What are you looking for?

Booking a ticket to travel for the very first time, could mean you want a variety of things, an adventure? Change? New Experiences? Depending on what you want it's best to plan, however if you're of the YOLO persuasion you can get away with things without plans so days aren't fully scheduled. Opening up to meeting new people. Sleeping in places you never thought you would. Booking one-way tickets, It won't be a beach with a cocktail, but jumping into life with no real way to tell what will happen.

Ask yourself — are you looking for a holiday, or are you looking to travel?

  1. Is money an issue? it? The answer is supposed to be yes. If money isn’t an issue then go travel the world Mr fancy pants!

Saving up money from your job to prepare to live for at the very least one month abroad. That is not a lot of money, no more eating out. No more getting drinks after work. Essentially living like a hermit crab for an extended period of time

This is not an easy thing to do, so you need to ask if you really REALLY want to travel if so.

  1. How bad do you want it?

Happy with your day to day life? Does waking up in the morning  make you excited to start the day, or are you dragging yourself out of bed to get work? How bad do you want to leave everything behind to see the world? Quitting your job to travel full time sounds like a dream, but nothing comes without a cost.

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