Summer Snacks That Deserve A Place In Your Picnic Basket

The weather has been beautiful here in the UK for the past couple of weeks, and many are spending their days enjoying the sunshine. Whether British families are heading to the beach for a day on the sand or travelling to a forest or nature reserve for a day of fun, they will likely have a picnic basket in hand. After all, a picnic really is the perfect meal when you’re out and about in the summer sun. 

However, when it is as warm as it has been, deciding what to put in your picnic basket can be slightly more difficult. When you’re hungry, and you sit down for lunch, the last thing you want to be greeted by is a melted chocolate bar or a squashed cake. So, to help anyone who is looking for some summer snack inspiration for their picnic basket, our team here at British Essentials have put together a list of British snacks that are perfect, even if it is 30 degrees outside. 

Packs of biscuits 

There is no denying that biscuits are a firm favourite and one of the most frequently purchased snack foods here in the UK, so they are a must-have for a picnic. Of course, if it is really warm outside, you will probably want to avoid chocolaty favourites like Jaffa Cakes and instead opt for something that will be better in the heat, like Jammie Dodgers. You may also want to pack things that already come in smaller individual bags too, like mini party rings.  

Bags of sweets 

When you’re treating your little ones, you may want to pop some sweets into your picnic basket too, and these tend to be a better option than chocolate bars in the summer. Whilst many British favourites will come in big sharing bags, if it is really warm, the sweets may stick together, so individually wrapped sweets are always a good choice. Something like Fruit-Tella Chews, Maoam Mixes and Swizzels Bumper Bags, are a brilliant choice. 

Packets of crisps 

It is fair to say that crisps are an essential part of every picnic, and they are considered to be some of the best British snacks available. Likely, your family will all have different favourites when it comes to packets of crisps and trying to please everyone in one picnic isn’t always easy. You may be best taking a multi-pack, like KP Hula Hoops or Squares, that have more than one flavour for people to choose from. 

Individual cakes 

Whether you’re packing your picnic basket for a special occasion or not, you will likely want to take some cake with you. To avoid this cake taking up a lot of room or being squashed by your crockery, it is always best to take individual mini cakes instead. You can still pack lots of Brits favourites, from Viennese Whirls and Macaroons to French Fancies and Fruit Pies, in your picnic basket, but you won’t need to worry about the problems that come with a big cake. 

Dried fruit 

It is always good to have a few healthier options in your picnic basket too, and there are lots of yummy British snacks that are perfect for summer to choose from. Taking dried fruit such as Emily apple crisps or Urban Fruit strawberries is better than taking the fresh fruit alternative and will keep better in the heat. You also have the option of things such as Dole fruit bowls which are perfect for a picnic on a summer's day. 

Stocking up on your favourite summer snacks 

Hopefully, with the help of the inspiration above, you can fill your picnic basket full of yummy British snacks that won’t let you down in the summer sun. There is something for the whole family, no matter whether you have a savoury or sweet tooth and with so much variety, it doesn’t matter if you have lots of picnics planned, you will still have some brilliant British snacks to look forward to when you stop for lunch. 

Thankfully, with the help of British Essentials, no matter where you are in the world, you can still enjoy all of the summer snacks mentioned above and fill your picnic basket with all of the amazing foods that the UK are known for. Simply visit our website today, where you will be able to purchase all of your favourite British snacks online, it really couldn’t be easier. You will be able to ensure that you have the ultimate picnic basket this summer. 

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