The Best British Biscuit & Tea Combinations

The flavour of biscuits and tea are the most reputable out there. However, any seasoned tea drinker (which is pretty much all of the UK) will know that a biscuit is the only real partner to a bit of leaf in your hot water, it’s an art.

While your favourite partnerships will completely depend on personal preference, there are a few biscuits which just go better with other teas. If you’re new to this funny little island we call Britain or just tea in general. We’re here to help!

Earl Grey and Lemon Shortbread

The citrus of the lemon pairs wonderfully with the flavour and fragrance found in the tea,  when you introduce the texture of a shortbread biscuit, with that added sweetness, you have won tea time.

Green Tea with Milk Chocolate Digestive

All green teas are known natural grassiness taste which, when paired with chocolate, simply  cuts through the taste and texture of the biscuit.

This particular pairing works well as the green tea cleanses the taste buds, shortening the taste of the sweet chocolate, and leaves a fresh sensation for aftertaste, imagine a really strong mint chocolate.

Pro Tip! Always serve green tea without milk, and enjoy once the water has cooled.

English Breakfast Tea with Rich Tea/Digestives

The tea pairing of champions. As Breakfast Tea is the staple morning beverage of many British households, it’s no wonder it’s paired with the classic digestive or rich tea (your choice, as long as it's not those ‘Rich tea light’ abominations).

Pro tip! A dash of milk, as the milk enhances the creaminess of the biscuit.

Darjeeling with a Milk Chocolate Hobnob

Milk Chocolate Hobnobs are a popular alternative to regular biscuits due to their oaty taste. Top that with a layer of smooth milk chocolate and you've got a winning combo!

Pair that with the crisp, dark, flavourings of Darjeeling tea. Then you have a even taste that delights the taste buds.

Earl Grey with Ginger Nut

Its powerful crunch with a wave of citrus, followed by the mouth-filling warmth of ginger, what's not to love?

Chai with Lotus biscuit

This tea has a  mixture of spices, it gives you a small look into the tastes of India, which can be likened to sweet, spiced milk.  So to enhance the cinnamon goodness from the tea, we recommend pairing with a Lotus biscuit.

The biscuit is light and crisp Its unique caramelised taste is loved all over the world.

The spice kick you will taste from the Chai will go well with the cinnamon you get from the biscuit.

Oolong Tea with Custard Creams

Oolong Tea, falls somewhere on the scale between regular tea and a green tea.

Its creamy, smooth taste pairs beautifully with a creamy centre of a custard cream.

The sweetness of the custard stacks onto the sweet aftertaste of the tea, (so this combo is for people with a sweet tooth!).

Rose Tea with Vanilla Viennese

Floral teas are notoriously difficult to pair with anything, particularly rose and lavender teas as they have such a distinct and focused scent and taste.

However, we recommend pairing any floral tea with something light fruity as well.

A Viennese Whirl will do the trick, the light flavour and texture of the vanilla will not overpower the floral flavour of the tea, it will only accompany it, as well as add a sweet note to the flavours.

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