THE Best ciders to drink this summer

British Essentials staff are very partial to a lovely apple based beverage, Bottled ones, canned ones, pink and bright-orange ones, big brands and obscure labels cider comes in many shapes, styles and sizes. Heres our favorites from the UK and abroad as well.

Aspall Premier Cru Cyder 

Suffolk is not the biggest name in the cider game but it certainly can pull its weight with the aspalls brand, drier than a conversation with andy murray but at the same time very refreshing, the premier version is the variety you should seek out for a premier cider experience. (plus the bottle is mint)

Bulmer’s Cider Zesty Blood Orange,

Tastes like you’ve just walked straight into a highland services and downed irn bru and coors light at the same time. Alcoholic Irn bru is the best way to describe it, if you like the scottish softie you will like this no doubt. Just remember to take your time with it as it goes down far too easy!

Old Mout Cider Kiwi & Lime

Kiwis have come out nowhere with this didn't they?! This fruity number is much like the bulmers orange as in its very sweet, easy to go down and a funny colour as well! We also recommend you try the passionfruit and apple flavour as well since it's a right good beverage

Kopparberg Cloudberry Cider

Not as good as its strawberry and lime family member, but is certainly will still attract wasps in a beer garden. Let’s be fair that is the only real scale of a ciders quality really. VERY sweet, with a hefty kick as the aftertaste, it's a fairly respectable middle of the road addition to the cider clan.

Carling Cider Orchard Fruits

I may well be scolded for this….But i like it. It has a magners taste to it without such a taste twist at the end, if you can get past the fact its carling, good lord they made a cider...its not too bad! Get it on offer though its not worth paying the full penny for.

In conclusion, the future is bright for cider and cider drinkers, Cider festivals are becoming more popular than ever, thanks to the innovation and skill of the current crop of cider-makers.

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