The Best Herbs, Spices And Seasonings To Use When BBQing

You know we’re heading into summer in the UK when people start purchasing disposable BBQs or cleaning down their BBQ that hasn’t been used since last year. It is fair to say that a BBQ is probably one of the most popular meals amongst Brits throughout the warmer months and whether you’re simply cooking sausages and burgers or you’re going all out with steak and ribs, food really does taste better when it has been cooked on a BBQ. 

It is likely that every summer you will cook the same meats, have the same side dishes and even use the same seasonings, so towards the end of the summer, things might start to get a little bit boring. Thankfully, there are plenty of different options to explore and if you’re wanting to try something new this summer, below we have put together a list of the best herbs, spices and seasonings to use when you’re BBQing. 

Cajun seasoning

When you’re cooking chicken, shrimp or even vegetable skewers, for example, you can’t go wrong with a bit of cajun seasoning. This combination of lots of different herbs and spices will give your food a little bit of heat without it being too overbearing. Bart Cajun Seasoning or Schwartz Cajun Seasoning are both brilliant options for your BBQs this year. 


This is probably one of the most commonly used spices and you will find it in a huge variety of different cuisines, yet it is still one of the best options for a BBQ. Paprika’s smokey yet sweet taste makes it a great choice for the whole family and it will complement anything that you’re cooking. Cooks' Ingredients Smoked Paprika is a must for summer. 

Chilli powder and flakes 

For anyone who likes spicy food, a combination of chilli powder and chilli flakes is the perfect topping for any meat, veg or even side dishes like pasta and potatoes. You can tame the spice by opting for something like Bart Mild Chilli Powder if needed or you can go all out with Cooks' Ingredients Hot Chilli Flakes, just remember a little goes a long way.

Mixed herbs 

If you’re just wanting to give your food some flavour without a spice or a seasoning being too overpowering, using mixed herbs is always a safe choice. This brilliant combination of different dried herbs will instantly add an extra something to whatever you’re cooking and they really can be used on absolutely anything. A jar of Schwartz Mixed Herbs is all you need. 

Piri piri

This is another great option for anyone who likes a bit of spice and piri piri is a very popular seasoning here in the UK. More often than not, people will pair this Portuguese inspired seasoning with chicken and it really is an effortlessly delicious combination. Bart Piri Piri Seasoning or Cooks' Ingredients Piri Piri Rub is an excellent choice for the BBQ. 

Fajita seasoning 

You will probably use fajita seasoning when you’re having a Mexican night at home, but this fiery seasoning can be used when you’re BBQing in the summer too. You can use a jar of Schwartz Fajita Seasoning or the packet of seasoning out of an Old El Paso Fajita Kit in so many ways and it will make your food so much more interesting. 

BBQ seasoning 

Of course, this is a classic choice for anything that you’re BBQing and a BBQ seasoning is something that the whole family can enjoy. For a smoky and sweet flavour, you can either use Schwartz Classic BBQ Herb and Spice Blend or you can smother whatever you’re cooking in HP Classic BBQ Sauce or Red's BBQ Sauce, either way, it’s an unbeatable choice. 

Purchasing British food and drink online 

Hopefully, the different ideas above will have given you some inspiration for your BBQs this summer and you can mix things up a little bit to ensure that you never get bored. If you no longer live in the UK and you’re struggling to pick up the different herbs, spices and seasonings mentioned above, don’t worry, here at British Essentials we can deliver to your door everything that you’re looking for.

As a British food imports store, you can rely on us to supply you with all of the British brands you know and love. No matter how long you’ve lived abroad, it is likely that you won’t have found replacements for your favourite British products and when you use our online store, you won’t have to compromise. We really do stock all of the most-loved foods consumed in the UK, so there is no better company to turn to for British food imports.

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