The Best Products To Purchase For Veganuary

As we start not only a new year, but also a new decade, lots of people are interested in starting something new. 2020 has seen the increased popularity of something called ‘Veganuary’, more and more people across the UK are choosing to become vegan and Veganuary encourages others to join them for January. 

There is no denying that completely changing the way you eat is difficult and knowing what to cook can feel impossible. If you’re one of the thousands taking on Veganuary this year, you may be finding it difficult to fill your cupboards with vegan products, especially if you’ve never done this before. To help anyone in this situation, British Essentials have put together a list of the best products to purchase for Veganuary. 

Essential tins and jars 

The majority of people will have a cupboard full of tins and jars at home. Thankfully, some of its contents will already be vegan. Take Heinz Baked Beans, for example, these are vegan and so is Marmite, so you can still indulge in a few of your favourites. 

When it comes to stocking up with tins and jars that will help with vegan cooking there are a few essentials you should pick up from your local UK grocery store. We would recommend you get a selection of beans such as lentils and black beans, whole grains like brown rice and oats and also an amazing selection of spices. 

Things for your fridge

The contents of your fridge may seem quite sad when starting Veganuary. Taking out any dairy and meat may leave you wondering what you can actually eat, but don’t worry there is plenty you can fill this space with. 

Of course, all fresh fruit and vegetables will be vegan so you can stock up straight away and even try some new things. There are also lots of alternatives to your dairy staples, almond milk and coconut yoghurt should definitely be on your shopping list. You can even get vegan butter and cheese, so there is something to replace everything you used to have in your fridge. 

The best meat alternatives 

As soon as people think about turning vegan they think of not being able to eat meat. For some, this can be the biggest challenge. Lots of people are unaware that you can easily get amazing meat alternatives from all British supermarkets. 

Whether you’re looking for something to swap your chicken for, or you want a vegan version of beef mince, there is something available. These days, there is such a huge range of vegan meat alternatives and they are so good that many people can’t even taste the difference. Try a couple of bits from a few different brands to get the feel for what you like and don’t like before you purchase loads. 

Everyday snacks 

For many, the hardest part about doing Veganuary is finding convenience food and snacks that they can eat on the go. Lots of products that you think would be vegan actually have dairy in but, there is also a huge amount that you can actually have.

Items such as walkers crisps, including ready salted, salt and vinegar and even prawn cocktail flavours are vegan, as are jelly tots and also party rings. You really will be shocked about how many items in your snack cupboard can stay throughout Veganuary. Don’t think that just because products fall into the convenience food category you can’t have them. It simply isn’t the case anymore. 

Products for Veganuary 

Thankfully, so many brands are taking the time to ensure that their products are vegan and this means that Veganuary won’t be as difficult as you may have first thought. Before you throw things away thinking you can’t have them, simply take a look at the packaging, it should always inform you whether they are vegan or not. 

If you’re searching for a website where you can purchase a range of British foods online to help you stock up for Veganuary, visit British Essentials today. Not only do we stock numerous big named British brands making it easier than ever before to get your hands on your favourite British goods, we also ship internationally. Wherever you are in the world you can now essentially shop your standard British store through your computer. You will never have to go without your British favourites again. 

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