Things British people do on holiday

Most of us will completely understand that feeling of pure joy when you are about to go on holiday; you just know for that period of time you get to live your best life and experience things you have never done before. The possibilities for holidays and activities to do are quite literally endless but somewhere in the brain you think “Oh yes I definitely need that giant inflatable whale”.

Underestimate the weather

I think we are all guilty of saying that we don’t need sun cream because we don’t really get burnt, that’s what you tell yourself all up to time where you’re wincing at every slight movement and looking in the mirror and seeing your self covered in tan lines and resembling a refresher squashie.

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Looking like a complete tourist

As if the sunburn wasn’t enough, the tourist look would not be complete without some absolute essentials. The tropical shirts, the cameras and the constant picture taking, what would a British holiday be without trying and failing miserably at showing you can lean on landmarks such as the leaning tower of Pisa.  

Forgetting the locals don’t speak English

Whether you are trying to haggle in a small village in France or trying to order from a café in Chile, you forget no matter how well-spoken you think you are, your English will be completely out of place and will sound like an alien language to a local. However, that won’t stop from raising your voice slightly and talking way slower than usual in hopes that your words are getting through to anyone.

Buying British stuff in local shops

Whilst on holiday you might begin to miss the home comforts, you realise that you should be trying some of the local foods and being adventurous. That is until you give in and pick up that family pack of Maltesers and start trying to justify in your head that they might have a Spanish twist to the classic Malteser that you could be missing out on, but really you are more than willing to pay that bit extra to get those classics and satisfy the craving.

Buying the inflatables

And finally the inflatables, there just there everywhere you go, in the corner of your eye, at the start of the holiday you think about getting one but are persuaded by yourself or someone else that you don’t need one and that it’s a waste of your holiday money, It gets to the stage where you just want to lie in the hotel pool with a giant lilo keeping you afloat. It’s done you’ve bought one and whilst using it using you think this is best thing ever and why did I ever think this would be a waste of money and how you are totally going to use it all the time. That is until the holiday comes to an end and you leave the massive lilo behind because you can’t fit it in the suitcase.


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