Tins And Jars You Will Find In Every Brit’s Cupboard

You can’t deny that Brits love their food, whether we are going out for the day or having a lazy day at home - food will play a large part in the day. We love fancy meals as much as we love fast food and many of us will happily eat whatever is put in front of us. 

When it comes to food, Brits are also quite predictable, we all tend to stock the same essentials and you can almost guarantee that you will find specific items in every home no matter whose house you visit. Everyone seems to have that one cupboard which is home to a similar range of tins and jars. British Essentials have put together a list of these cupboard fillers so you can ensure you have everything you need. 


You can always rely on Brits to have a tin of soup in the cupboard. It is such a quick and easy meal and especially in the winter when you need a warm-up. When it comes to soup there are a couple of flavours you can almost guarantee will be in every cupboard, tomato soup and chicken soup, are we right?


For many, toast is a go-to breakfast, or even lunch, and your cupboard will be full of a range of different jars to top your toast with. From strawberry jam and orange marmalade to peanut butter and chocolate spread you will expect to find spreads in every home. You will usually find a large selection too, something for everyone, no matter their preferences. 


Baked beans, kidney beans, black beans, lentils, you name it you can get it in a tin and you will probably find at least two different types of beans in your cupboard. Probably the most popular and commonly found are baked beans, you never know when you might need a tin of these and every household will have a backup tin. 


Whether they are chopped, plumb, or even puree, we can guarantee that you will always have some tomatoes in your cupboard. They are a staple and can be used in so many different classic dishes which means they are a guarantee find in every household across the UK. 

Salad toppers

By this, we mean olives, pickles, beetroot, pickled onions and gherkins. For some, these jars are a must-have and even if you don’t have them all, you probably have at least one of these jars sitting in your cupboard at home. Of course, if you like a fancy salad with these toppers then you will probably have a few different salad dressings too. 


Lots of families turn to jars of sauces to complete their main evening meal. From bolognese

sauces to tikka masala sauces you probably have a couple sitting in the cupboard where you brought extra because they were on offer or you never cooked the meal you planned. They can come in very handy when needing to whip up a quick and easy meal.  


Salt, pepper, tomato sauce, brown sauce, BBQ sauce, mustard just to name a few cupboard necessities for Brits. Many people don’t have a single meal without some form of condiment and this is why we stock them in their masses. Brits love variety too and often each member of the family has their favourite so, a selection is necessary. 

Tinned meals 

These days you can get almost anything tinned, from pies to pasta dishes and Brits often have a couple of these kept in the cupboard. A few that you can almost guarantee to see are spaghetti hoops, ravioli, meatballs or beans and sausages. There is a tinned meal for everyone, no matter what age you are. 

Filling your cupboard

We are sure that as you read down this list you know that you had many of these tins and jars in your cupboard at home. Some may even say they are home comforts after all, what is better than beans of toast or chicken soup on a cold day when you feeling under the weather. If you’re currently out of the UK and craving these home comforts or looking to fill your cupboard abroad then don’t worry, British Essentials have you covered. 

You can purchase all of the tins and jars you need along with a range of other British foods online with British Essentials. They are essentially an online UK grocery store and you can get a wide range of British goods all in one place when using their website. Stock up on your British food supplies wherever you are in the world with the help of British Essentials

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