Tips For Adjusting To New Cuisine As An Expat

Moving abroad is an incredibly exciting new chapter of your life, however, there will be a lot of new things that you have to adjust to. From speaking a new language and making new friends to starting a new job and adapting to a new culture, often life as you know it will be turned upside down. Of course, for the majority of expats, adjusting to a new cruising will be something they have to tackle too and, arguably, this can be one of the biggest challenges. 

It is fair to say that food is such a huge part of our lives and even though you may have enjoyed different cuisines every now and then whilst living in the UK, eating a new cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day can be a really big change. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to make adjusting to a new cuisine slightly easier and hopefully, the tips below will be beneficial to you in this regard. 

Don’t overwhelm yourself straight away 

The first few weeks when moving abroad are likely to be quite stressful and overwhelming, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to eat like the locals straight away. Take some time to get used to your surroundings and slowly start to bring new things into your diet instead of going full steam ahead. This will help you to discover what you really like and dislike. 

Keep an open mind and try new things 

As cliche as it sounds, you will never know if you like something until you try it. So, whilst you might not be overly keen on the cuisine at first, try to keep an open mind and try new things when you’re out and about. It is completely normal for it to take time to develop a taste for new foods, just try to be patient and keep trying different things that intrigue you. 

Allow your body time to get used to the cuisine 

Remember that it is also completely normal for your body to need some time to get used to the different foods that you’re eating too. Depending on where you move too, you may be eating dramatically different ingredients to what you’re used to and your digestive system will take some time to adjust. Some discomfort to start with isn’t abnormal, but it will pass as you start eating the local cuisine more frequently. 

Ask for food recommendations 

When you’re still getting used to a new location, asking for recommendations from your neighbours or your work colleagues will be the best way to find great places to eat. Don’t be afraid to ask for meal recommendations too, their favourite dishes could very well end up being your new favourite too. Use the people around you to make adjusting as easy as possible. 

Get used to navigating the supermarkets 

Knowing what to purchase in a supermarket can be much harder than ordering from a menu when you’re out for food. To make navigating a new supermarket a little bit easier, ensure that you’re familiar with the local language and the names of staple food items. Doing some research before you tackle a supermarket can make the process much less stressful. 

Don’t ignore cravings for your favourite foods

One of the biggest challenges will be missing your favourite British foods, but you don’t have to cut them out completely when you’re adjusting to a new cuisine. If you’re craving something that reminds you of home, there is no harm in indulging yourself. Eating foods from home that you’re craving may even be able to help when you’re feeling homesick too. 

Getting British food supplies abroad 

Hopefully, no matter where you have moved to, the tips above will help you to adjust to your new local cuisine. It is fair to say that if you have lived in the UK for the majority of your life then getting used to new everyday foods will take time, so don’t feel as though you have to like everything that the locals eat straight away. As mentioned above, it is okay to fall back on your home comforts sometimes and you can still enjoy British products. 

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