Top 10 Biscuits For Dunking In Your Tea

When it comes to biscuits, we truly believe that no one does them better than the British. There are so many different classic brands to choose from, so the choices really are endless. However, if you are looking to enjoy your biscuit with a cup of tea, it is important to choose the right one - but what makes the best companion to a steaming mug of tea? 

1. Rich Teas

The classic Rich Teas have a simple consistency and plain flavour, which makes them a perfectly suitable biscuit for dunking. Compared to other biscuits out there, such as the McVitie’s Digestive, is that it snaps - which is a key trait of the Rich Tea. 


2. Chocolate Digestives

If you are looking for an utterly perfect biscuit for your tea, you can’t go wrong with a McVitie's Milk Chocolate Digestive. They have a thick chocolate coating with a good crunchy biscuit underneath, which is light and crisp with a buttery flavour. This rich-tasting biscuit is excellent for dunking, with its soft and crumbly, quick-melting texture. 


3. Jammie Dodgers


This very sweet and truly delicious biscuit is a true classic in the world of tea dunking. The size and softness of Jammy Dodgers makes them the perfect accompanist to your cup of tea, with the yummy raspberry flavour jam wedged in between two shortcake biscuits. They are one of the most popular brands of biscuits in the United Kingdom, as well as being loved and adored across the globe. 


4. Milk Chocolate HobNobs 


These delicious, milk chocolate, oaty and nobbly biscuits are a national treasure throughout Great Britain. If you are looking for a slightly different textured biscuit, which comes in a huge variety, these are the ones you need to choose. Milk Chocolate HobNobs can be enjoyed by almost anyone, especially with a cup of tea. 


5. Bourbon Creams

Nobody can ever have one Bourbon Cream, it’s not physically possible, as they are an absolutely delicious biscuit. These fiercely supported biscuits are a staple in any kitchen cupboard, especially because of their excellent price, taste, dunking and general biscuit-tin acceptance. Despite there being many more exciting biscuits to choose from, Bourbons cannot be missed - especially in a classic British selection


6. Golden Crunch Creams

The perfect balance of crumbly biscuit, crunchy deliciousness and tea absorbency - Golden Crunch Creams are undoubtedly one of the best biscuits you need to try. These biscuits combine two crunchy golden, oat biscuits which are sandwiched together by a layer of yummy vanilla cream.


7. Shortbread 

Shortbread is the closest that biscuits get to being cake. The true irresistibility of the crumbly, rich texture just proves how amazing these biscuits are. Shortbreads are also perfect for dunking, as they are a rich flavour with a meltingly crumbly bite.


8.Malted Milks 

These biscuits can be enjoyed with a wonderful, steaming mug of tea. Their classic, creamy rich malted flavour is made using milk and malt extract. They’re so simple, not too sweet and won’t crumble in your tea - as they are a crisp and light texture. 


9. Custard cream 

Custard Creams are good for just about anyone, being an absolute staple in the British biscuit tin. They have a creamy, custard-flavoured filling placed between two biscuits, being perfect companions for a relaxing afternoon tea. Their classic design is an elaborate baroque design, originating in the Victorian era and embodying ferns. 


10.  Maryland Cookies 

The crumbly, crunchy texture of these cookies is perfect for your cup of tea. You can never beat a classic chocolate chip cookie, and will definitely keep any chocoholic happy. These biscuits also come in so many different variants, including the classic Choc Chip, Choc Chip & Hazelnut, Double Choc Chip and more. 

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