Best British Sweets

The days of 10p freddos are over...maybe he’s gone and got himself a mortgage or something we don't know. However, it still holds the key to memories of our childhoods, the green fields, the muddy clothes, Jack from school claiming to have a shiny Charazard but you know for a fact it was a fake and all the other kids couldn't see through his lies! Yes i’m still sore about it and what?!

Any who apart from being a gateway to the past and the thing that keep dentists awake at night, sweets are a cornerstone of English culture and history.

From keeping our boys chins up during WW2 to putting smiles on children's faces today English sweets are one of, if not THE best in the world. So we here at British Essentials have compiled a list of the Best British sweets for St George's day.

1. Cadbury Dairy Milk

 dairy milk


The guv’ner the staple of the British confectionery market and probably the most known product of all the ones we listed.

2. Lion Bar

 lion bar



Formerly known as artist called marathon (R.I.P Prince) the lion bar is a manly snack, if it were a actual man he’d have a massive beard, have leaves in his beer and chew tobacco. The bar itself is a nutty, flaky masterpiece.

3. Wine Gums

wine gums


Staple with the middle aged and young alike, the maynards label is known across the world, vibrant flavours funky colours and all round lovely, the Chris Pratt of the sweet world.

4. Flake



We’re a family friendly website, so to talk about the flakes advertising would put us in a awkward instead we will focus on the chocolate itself! A favourite amongst us brits Flaky (sorry i had to) and smooth with cadbury's quality chocolate is always gonna be a winner.

5. Black Jacks and fruit salads

best british sweets


Known for its now quite frankly racist advertising of the 80’s they are also are a darn good confectionary item, are you a Liquorice or fruit salad kind of person?

6. Double Decker

double decker


This combination of crispy cereal and nougatine wrapped in milk chocolate makes us shout, we “love the double layer concept!” Wonder what other sweet combos would be great...fudge, flake chocolate?

7. Rock



Sun, sea, Jim Davidson shows and Rock. The british seaside has many recognisable images and items, Rock is most certainly one of them. ALL of the flavours are available to you, but personally we find it hard to know a difference.

8. Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles

fruit pastielles


Another british classic, much like wine gums they come in flavours that span the rainbow. (even though  never seen orange in a rainbow and they use it for their logo but oh well we will let them off since pastels are so darn good!

9. Galaxy Caramel

best british sweets

United vs Liverpool, Ali vs Frazier, Galaxy vs Cadbury. These are the biggest rivalries of all time, Well maybe not the last one...But its a big one none the less! Cadbury may have the chocolate section down but when it comes to mixing and matching galaxy are ahead, at least in our eyes.

10. Terrys Chocolate Orange

best british sweetsA favourite of the British Essentials office, and for a lot of others as well. Who ever thought to add orange flavouring to chocolate must've been mad, but by golly they were right to do so. Sparking everything chocolate orange terrys are the founders of the concept and still holders of the best kind of orange chocolate.

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Michael O'Malley - May 17, 2022

I love sweets

Steve Adler - March 17, 2022

I am trying to find a candy that my family bought in London during the 1960s. It was a small box with alternating pink and blue babies (a hard shell candy) in a drawer.
It may of been a Harrods exclusive.

Margaret P Murphy - January 23, 2022

I Love the Picnic Bars & Tiffin which are not on the list and you rarely see them .

Paul Stacey - January 23, 2022

Who’s claiming lion bars were ever called Marathon? Lion bars have always been Lion bars. Snickers used to be called Marathon. Stop getting British confectionary wrong!

Mia - January 23, 2022

I recommend white lion bar

Trish Bellamy - December 16, 2020

I have to correct the description for Lion bar… it’s always been called ‘Lion’. ‘Marathon’ bars had their name changed to ‘Snickers’ to be in line with the US packaging. I know, it’s nuts! :oD

POo - December 16, 2020

I recommend Maltesers

Joshleigh hompson - September 1, 2020

this is wild dude wine gums are kinda grody lol. aaaaanyways, have y’all ever tried tunnocks tea cakes? no? yikes… aaaaanyways, give em a go. if you want…

john - October 22, 2019

m8 where are starburst

Harry Cound - October 22, 2019

Cadbury dairy milk number 1…. what the frick. You must have been playing fortnite or something to choose an answer like that. FORTNITE HAS BEEN DEAD SINCE SEASON 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……

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