Top 10 Most Expensive Cities for Expats to Move To

If you’re wondering which countries have a high cost of living, here are top ten.

10. Copenhagen


Denmark’s capital has relatively high transport and personal care expenses along with general high cost of living (food, rent etc)

9. New York

New York

The big apple appearing on this list surely isn't a surprise to anyone right? With expats moving their for work opportunities and general lifestyle the costs are always gonna skyrocket!


8. Paris


Just five years ago, living in Paris was 50% more expensive than in New York. Now it has suddenly caught up, with high food prices and travel expenses being the main things that have increased in price.


7. Geneva


This is one of the few places on this list that has fallen slightly, but not enough to make it a cheap city mind! Recreation and entertainment rank highest for Geneva.


6. Seoul


Seoul is one of the most of expensive places day to day, things such as food shopping and transport are as much as 50% more than in New York.


5. Osaka


Osaka is one of the two Japanese cities in this list. Unsurprising really since Japan as a nation is REALLY expensive full stop.


4. Tokyo


The Japanese capital was once the world's most expensive city to live in, however with its culture in abondance, spectacular nightlife and great job opportunities it's no wonder expats still flock there.

3. Zurich


Home of FIFA, capital of the swiss and makers of some of the best cheese and chocolate (not together) ever made. Quality of life is at an all time high in zurich, with high level of investment in education and local amenities. This doesn't however bring the costs of living in Zurich down!


2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

With its free market practices, amazing food and nightlife, it’s no wonder expats flock to the country. This influence of immigration meant they had to build upwards and with sky-high prices to match the stream.


1. Singapore


From personal experience, as well as documented expat accounts, Singapore takes the number one spot as the world’s most expensive city. Stating that, it still has some value in certain areas.


Domestic help and food being some. That along with food courts sporting great food at very cheap prices! On the other hand, it’s the most expensive place to buy a car and maintain it and it’s the second priciest destination for buying clothes in the world.


Honourable Mentions

Currencies located in the oceanic continent (such as the Australian Dollar and the New Zealand dollar) have shot up in value, causing built up areas in those reasons to enter the most expensive cities to live. Surprising entries that didn't make the grade include, London and Manchester. This ranking is owed to the devaluation of the British pound since the brexit vote.

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