Top 5 British Teas You Need To Try

Tea is a typically British drink and is the first choice for many hot drink lovers. No matter what the situation may be or where you are, tea is often turned to and expected to be available. There is now such a big selection of British teas and there are lots of different brands available. Many people have tried and tested the majority of the big names on the market but, do you know the best tea to turn to? We have compiled a list of the top 5 British teas that everyone needs to try. 

Yorkshire Tea

If you’re looking for a ‘proper brew’ then we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed if you reach for Yorkshire Tea. This incredibly famous tea is made by Taylors of Harrogate, a Yorkshire family business that was born back in 1886. People call them experts in the trade and now Yorkshire Tea is one of the most iconic beverages nationwide. It is made from plants sourced from farms in Africa and India and the creators have combined the very best teas. They use complementary flavours of over a dozen teas to create a uniquely balanced and delicious hot drink. 

Tetley Tea 

This particular brand of tea is home to a wide variety of both hot and cold teas, it is the largest tea company in the United Kingdom. Their classic everyday original tea is the first choice for many avid tea drinkers. Tetley Tea produces hundreds of millions of tea bags weekly and you will find their products in almost all UK grocery stores - such as Aldi and Lidl. If you like a full-flavoured, smooth and refreshing hot drink, then you really should try Tetley Tea. 

PG Tips 

PG Tips was born back in 1930 and their tea was first called ‘Pre-Gest-Tea’, which was then abbreviated. With over nine billion PG Tips tea bags being dunked annually it is definitely up there with the top British teas you need to try. Not only can you guarantee an incredible tasting cup of tea from PG Tips but, they are also one of the only major tea brands with 100% Rainforest Alliance certified tea. You can go ahead and enjoy your cup of PG Tips safe in the knowledge that the people who have grown this tea are being looked after.


Typhoo has been making Great British tea since 1903 and if you’re wanting to try an authentic English tea then Typhoo would be at the top of our list. There aren’t many tea brands that are known for their signature taste and many people known Typhoo after just one sip. Typhoo has mastered their great flavour and although they do have a range of speciality teas, they mainly focus on their plain black tea. This is an unflavored, incredible, traditional tea and although many brands from England offer plain black varieties, we are sure that you will be able to taste the difference. 


Like Tetley Tea, Twinings also has a very impressive range of hot and cold tea. However, their Everyday Tea is an absolute classic. It really is the perfect tea for every occasion and Twinings have ensured that with this tea bag your mug of tea is the best it can be. The unforgettable taste of Twinings Everyday Tea is created by a combination of both traditional and unique flavours. 

As tea is the most consumed beverage, after water, in the UK, that’s a lot of tea drinking and with our help, you can now ensure that wherever you are in the world you can still drink the tea you know and love. On the British Essentials website, you will find all of the British teas that you need to try and with worldwide delivery, everyone can enjoy what these incredible teas have to offer. 

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Brew Peter - May 17, 2022

Thompson’s Tea from Belfast seems to be far superior than any other tea on the UK market. My personal favorites are Thompsons Signature Blend and Thompsons Irish Breakfast.

Bonnie - March 17, 2022

I go between Tetley’s with ginger and PG Tips. Both are awesome.

Scott Hawley - January 23, 2022

My mom grew up in East Ardsley England and came to America after WW2. She loved her tea. But I can’t remember her favorite from back home. Would you know what the favorite tea in the area she lived? East Ardsley which was near Leeds.

tera rudell - January 23, 2022

I love Tetley Tea. I tired PG tips It seems bitter.


Cheryl R. Dalvi - September 8, 2021

Thanks. I enjoy the Twinings green tea.Its refreshing.

Allan Erhart - September 8, 2021

How does Queen Elisabeth Englis breakfast Tea rate

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