Traditionally British Easter Meal Ideas

Like almost all countries and cultures, Britain has its own traditions that many people ensure to follow over the Easter holiday. Food is a huge part of traditions and almost every holiday celebrated in the UK will have specific food connected to it. At Christmas, we tuck into mince pies and turkey dinners and as expected, there are specific items you will find in all British shops during the lead up to Easter. 

If you’re planning your weekly shop on the least up to Easter and are looking for some inspiration for meals over the Easter weekend, keep reading today. British Essentials have put together a list of traditionally British Easter ideas for each meal of the day. 


When it comes to having an amazing breakfast over Easter weekend, there really is no other choice than hot cross buns. The white cross on top of these fruity buns is a symbol of the crucifixion and many years ago, it was thought that fruit buns were treats for special occasions. So, over the years the two combined and became the perfect easter treat. Hot cross buns are traditionally eaten warm with butter on Good Friday. 


Many families choose to have cooked ham at lunchtime over Easter. It is said that this tradition dates back to the pre-Christian Pagan era, where it was seen to bring luck and good fortune. In the past, ham was also an easier meat to get in poorer parts of the country at this early time of the year, so families would enjoy it over Easter. 

If you would like something sweet after lunch, traditionally people will have a slice of Simnel cake. Over the years, this cake has been used to signify the end of Lent, a fasting period for Christians leading up to Easter, and is rich with fruits, spices, and marzipan which are all forbidden during Lent. It is absolutely delicious and many households enjoy making and decorating their own Simnel cake. 


For their main evening meal, many people turn to lamb over Easter. There are both religious and seasonal connotations to eating this specific meat over the Easter period and for whichever reason you choose, lamb makes the perfect centrepiece to your dinner. Traditionally people have their roast lamb on Easter Sunday. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter without having some chocolate and many people turn to the chocolate eggs that they have been gifted for a sweet treat in the evening. Eggs have always been associated with Easter throughout history, in ancient times it was thought eggs represent new beginnings and for Christians, Christ’s resurrection is symbolic of new beginnings, so it is now represented by the giving and receiving of eggs.

Purchasing traditionally British foods 

Using the ideas above you can create the perfect meal plan for Easter weekend. Whether you are entertaining guests or just having a quiet weekend with your family, you can enjoy some of the most loved traditional British Easter foods. Easter weekend is a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones too, so why not purchase some baking supplies and make some delicious treats yourself at home? 

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