What Are Britain’s Favourite Chocolate Items?

Coming in an array of different forms, as well as there being flavours too numerous to count, you would be hard-pressed to find a household within Britain that does not have a scrap of chocolate lying around within the kitchen cupboards. As one of the leading British online supermarkets, here at British Essentials, we are pleased to inform you that we have countless options available. If you find yourself interested in learning about the most popular types of chocolate, are team are happy to provide you with some insight into the matter. 

Classic Chocolate

Even at its most basic, chocolate is a food which sets tastebuds alite; regardless of whether you appreciate the bitterness present in dark chocolate, or prefer the smoothness exhibited by milk chocolate, you can be certain that it will release a flood of endorphins around your body. Should you be trying to find bars that can be consumed at any time, the basis-yet-tasty Galaxy Milk Chocolate or Cadbury Twirl should satisfy your desires. Alternatively, the Dark Chocolate Bar by Montezuma will be perfect for those wanting to experiment a little more with their flavours.

Chocolate Cereal

Trying to get your child to eat a balanced diet can be extremely difficult, especially in the morning whilst rushing to get them ready for school. Cereal has historically been one of the most popular options, but even with this there are problems; namely, complains in regards to flavour. However, this is an issue of the past - corporations have now found an innovative way in which to include chocolate in cereal, whilst retaining a predominantly healthy recipe. If this sounds of interest to you, we suggest trying Kelloggs’ Krave Cereal or Chocolate Lucky Charms

Chocolate Spread

If you are looking for a treat that is extremely simple, yet is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, it could be that chocolate spread is the right product for you. As many people would concede to, Nutella’s Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread is what popularised this genre of chocolate across the globe. However, this is not to say that they have a total monopoly over the market. With Bionna’s Dark Chocolate Spread and Cadbury’s Chocolate Spread, there is something to suit all preferences.

Hot Chocolate

When the cold nights of winter draw in, it can sometimes be quite tricky to gain a feeling of warmth; this is especially true if you do not have a fireplace to curl up in front of. This is not to say that it is impossible; many people turn to the comfort exuded by a piping hot mug of hot chocolate. Enjoyed by youngsters and adults alike, this is a beverage which is ideal to put some heat into your bones. If it is your first time trying this delicious drink, you would be well-served by buying either Green & Black’s Organic Hot Chocolate or Cadbury’s Wispa Hot Chocolate.

British Essentials - Who Are We?

Do you want to purchase British products from a company that has years worth of experience in providing them across the globe? Are you looking to find a supplier that has an extensive catalogue of units, all of which are cheaper than those you would find in a traditional retailer? The chances are that you would stand to greatly benefit from the services provided by British Essentials. For those that didn’t already know, for the past seven years we have looked to become one of the leading exporters of all things related to Britain. If this is something which appeals to you, and subsequently you would like to find out more about our services, please use the details outlined on our website’s contact page to get in touch. 

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