What expats want from their employer

As a employer, You may not be looking to hire expats yourself, but you still need to understand their needs in the long run (if you have the ambition to of course) what sort of expat support do they really want? We have set out to answer that

They want to keep up to date with news ‘back home’

One of the biggest reasons expats fail, is that they become disconnected from what is happening with their friends and family back home. So, how do we combat this? Simple;

  • They feel more valued, and less isolated and welcomed.

Sort the admin

We know the glamor isn't there for this task, but it is of the responsibilities of a company that is serious about its staff well being. it is important to help expats with the trivial details. if an employee is over encumbered with details they will be less effective at the tasks they do. By contrast, the company gains experience over time of the various requirements – from arranging working visas to getting family pets through quarantine.

A clear contract

Any employee will want to know what’s expected of them, and what they get in return. your ability to manage queries and answer questions will be important in general. Speak to expats already contracted, (if you already have some of course) before confirming the departure of the new employee to ensure that everything is clear and understood.

That you’re there for them

Not everything will go to plan for your expats and that’s when they may need you most. Whether social or cultural issues arise, difficulties with work life, or costs that have come out of nowhere, the knowledge that somebody has your back is worth its weight in gold.

Their success is the companies success

In general, remember that an expats journey, in particular the early stages when they are getting used to their new surroundings, can be an extremely stressful. Communication is once more a key issue. Keeping in touch, arranging help with work tasks and activities outside of work will help them strive. Also to let them know you’re always there.  

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