Which Traditional British Sweets Do You Need To Try?

Few people would dispute the fact that Britain creates some of the finest sweets in the world. In the UK, there is much demand for confectionery, as the population as a whole has quite a sweet tooth. That being said, there is an on-going dispute regarding which type of sweet reigns supreme. Here at British Essentials, we have created a collection of some of the most popular - below, you can find our selection of those which you need to try. 

Liquorice Allsorts

This is certainly not a product that you will want to buy if you have sensitive taste buds - from the moment that you open the bag, the aroma which wafts up will give you an indication as to how strong Liquorice Allsorts are. In terms of flavour, these sweets are incredibly reminiscent of aniseed. Each mouthful that you have will pack a punch. That being said, if you appreciate sweets that leave a lingering sensation on your tongue, this could be a shrewd addition to your confectionery collection.


In sweet terms, Haribo is easily one of the most identifiable and well-known brands within the industry. You would be hard-pressed to find someone that, at the very least, hasn’t heard of their Starmix packets. However, we believe that if you have your heart set upon broadening your horizons, it is Tangfastics that you need to try. As the name suggests, these sweets are incredibly sour, and have an intense flavour that will leave you reaching for the packet once again.


If you have young children, the chances are that you will not want them to continuously be snacking on sweets which rot their teeth, and are not particularly healthy. However, we understand that you will also not want to deprive them of the deliciousness that these types of foods possess. In situations such as these, it could be that Fruit-tella provide just the right blend. The natural fruit juice which is used in these is meant to reduce the damage that they do, whilst still retaining the bursts of flavour which are released when you bite into them.

Fruit Pastilles

Most people would agree that, out of the various sweets which can be found in the UK, Fruit Pastilles are the most-deserving of their iconic status. Incredibly distinctive in appearance, the colours offer an indication as to the fruity flavour which you are about to enjoy. Whilst by no-means the healthiest snack in the world, thanks to the amount of sugar that can be found in the coating, on the odd occasion these little morsels can provide just the pick-me-up that you have been looking for.

Want to get in touch?

If you are someone that has recently moved abroad, but is longing for the English sweets which you used to enjoy throughout your childhood, you are in luck - British Essentials is here to help. Within our catalogue, you can expect to find all of your favourite treats which you used to purchase from your local corner shop. Whether you wish to stay traditional with Cadbury’s dairy milk bars, or need something a little softer in the form of fruit pastilles or wine gums, we will not disappoint you.

Having first opened our doors for business back in 2013, we have since made it our mission to deliver British confectionery across the globe. The results that we have overseen over the past eight years are nothing short of incredible. Think that you might like to place an order with us? If so, you can chat to a member of our team either by calling us on 01480 700910, or writing to us at mail@britishessentials.com.
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