Wimbledon is here!

Wimbledon is here!

It really couldn't be better weather wise for the start of the all white festival, we’re excited to get into the swing and celebrate Wimbledon getting underway again.

So we have decided to help everyone out by giving our readers tips and ideas to help elevate the enjoyment of watching, weather you are there or just sat on the sofa these we all be for you.


Get ya bunting out for the lads!

Just like the strawberries and cream being a British icon, bunting is also something owned by the british.

The official decoration of summer parties in ol blighty, No Wimbledon gathering would be the same without decking your garden in bunting to make it look fancy and stuff.

The sensible and cheapest option is to simply buy bunting, but if you’re feeling creative and adventurous, you can make your own! Just put some tennis balls rackets and maybe andy murray's face on it and you're sorted!

Pimm’s O'clock

Pimm’s is THE drink of choice for Wimbledon. End of. Period. Well that and any summer party for the british. Adding mint and other leaves to it makes it and yourself more fancy, that is fact. Make sure their is plenty of ice to throw at someone who disagrees with this notion.

Movie Time!

If the weather turns south however, and you're at home, (or have a projector on your at wimbledon) you may be forced to retreat inside and watch Wimbledon tele.

if you’re lucky however who actually get to enjoy some summer weather, and the tennis  then you can create your own viewing area outdoors! You can do this by getting a white and holding it up with a  rope tied between two trees for your screen and project action right there and then!

Food! Glorious food!

Fun fact! 28,000 kg of strawberries and 7,000 litres of cream are eaten every year at Wimbledon

It simply wouldn't be the same with the iconic snack, so you best get stocked up, we prefer the M&S champagne infused variety. In regards to the strawberries the best will always be your own, we’ve found a great step by step guide on how to grow your own strawberries here.


So if you’re enjoying Wimbledon from the comfort of your own home, or from the stands make sure you're covered with the red and white stuff.

So you've started off with dessert, (the correct way to do things) now you've moved onto the savouries.

Pork pies, sausage rolls, Scotch eggs some sort of meat in between bread is always a safe bet. Or you could go big and whip out the BBQ , i would hope you know what to have at a BBq...

Are you getting into the Wimbledon spirit? We want to know what you are getting up to! Send us your pics and stories on our Facebook page.

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