Ariel Colour Washing Liquid 24 Washes 840ml

by Ariel

Ariel Colour washing liquid with pre treat cap gives you outstanding stain removal in the 1st wash. The innovative pre treat cap, with its flexible fins and spreading surface, allows you to pre treat, scrub and remove stains, and also to dose the detergent precisely. Although Ariel is incredibly tough on stains, it is very gentle on clothes. For perfectly clean laundry pour some liquid on a stain, spread and scrub with the pre treat cap, and put your clothes in your washing machine. For best results, insert the cap filled with the detergent into your washing machine drum. Use together with Lenor fabric conditioners and Unstoppables for an extra boost of softness and freshness. 24 washes based on 50ml per wash. Use with Lenor Fabric Conditioners and Unstoppables for impeccably clean and irresistibly fresh laundry results Pack Size:1.2Litres Outstanding stain removal in the 1st wash Comes with the innovative pre-treat cap which allows to dose correctly and enables targeted action on tough stains Thanks to its formula and innovative pre-treat cap, Ariel removes stains as of the first wash Help keep your coloured items looking vibrant and bright with Ariel Colour Its bleach-free formula helps reduce fading Leaving your coloured and dark clothing looking fabulous and smelling fresh

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