Pledge Dust It Fluffy Duster Refill 5 per pack

by Pledge

Pledge® Duster Refills clean up many unwanted particles, like dust, dirt and lint. Bringing out the beauty in your home can be as quick and easy as a simple dusting with these disposable dusters. Pledge® Dusters are made with long, fluffy fibres that remove dust and the allergens* in dust, dirt and lint with a few effortless swipes of the handle (sold separately) – the perfect replacement for your old feather duster. *From pet dander. Pledge® Duster Refills - the multi surface cleaner picks up many unwanted particles like dust, dirt and lint, Duster with long, fluffy fibres picks up dust, dirt and lint and the common allergens in it* with a few effortless swipes, Use with Pledge® Duster Starter Kit (sold separately) as the perfect replacement for your old feather duster


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