Top 10 Amazing Facts about Percy Pig!

If you've lived in the UK for any length of time, and have visited a Marks & Spencer, then you may have come across the brand's famous character: Percy Pig. The character first burst onto the scene in 1992 and...

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Marmite vs Vegemite

There are many different brands of yeast extract spread from various countries in the world. For those of you who have lived in the UK, Marmite is a name that resonates all too well. It’s one of those foods that...

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Top 10 Food Brands Loved By Brits

Here in the UK, it goes without saying that we are known for having some incredible brands. Many of the classic brands you get in a British food store are now known worldwide and are highly sought after due to...

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Classic British Sweets Everyone Loves

As well as being a nation of chocolate lovers, there is no denying that Brits love a bag of sweets too (or candy if you're from the USA). Whether you’ve got a bag in the car ready for a long...

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The Best Cake Toppings For Summer Garden Parties

Now that the days are finally starting to get longer and lighter and the weather is beginning to get warmer, lots of people will be planning big summer garden parties. Of course, you don’t need an excuse to get your...

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