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Whether you love it or hate it, Bovril, alongside its closely related shelfmate Marmite, is an important and respected jar in the cupboard of many British homes. But this thick, salty paste is more than just a simple spread - it can also be a multifaceted ingredient for both snacking and cooking! Whilst Marmite and Vegemite might only conjure thoughts of morning toast, the beefier-flavoured Bovril has Brits using it for a number of different cooking purposes. At this point, it can be considered to be a multipurpose kitchen cupboard essential! Continue reading to find out some of the ways you can use Bovril at home, and also where you can get it delivered worldwide.

For spread

Starting with the most basic and well-known use of Bovril - spread. Whether it be on toast, bagels or crackers, if you enjoy a savoury spread over sweet, then Bovril is a perfect option! Spread on your cheese on toast, on dippy-soldiers, or use it as a sandwich filler.

For flavour

As Bovril is known for its rich and beefy flavour, it makes a great ingredient in dishes such as soups, broths, stews and casseroles as a flavouring agent. Drizzle straight from the jar, or use Bovril's own stock cubes to enhance the meaty flavour and add more depth to your meals. It can even be used to make a Bovril-flavoured gravy for your Sunday roast!

For marinade and glazing

Who says Bovril can't belong at the BBQ? Similar to using the paste as a flavourful stock, Bovril can also make a great ingredient in marinades, or bushed straight on as a glaze for all your favourite meats. Try it on ribs, roast beef, or even on your oven-roast potatoes!

To drink

Bovril is a popular drink that dates back a long way in Britain. Commonly known as Bovril tea, or 'beef tea', this drink is essentially a spoonful of Bovril in hot water and allowed to dissolve. Whilst it isn't commonly drunk (or talked about) by Brits nowadays, it's a great savoury option for a winter warmer. As the days start to get colder, why not give it a try?

Want to shop Bovril?

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