Lindt Chocolate in the USA

Known for their high-quality chocolate bars, truffles and the famous gold bunny, Swiss brand Lindt is one of the biggest confectionery brands in the world. In both Britain and across Europe, Lindt has become a go-to chocolate brand for gifts and special occasions for years. It is not, however, commonly found in the USA…so what is are they missing out on exactly?


We're not sure if there is anyone in Britain who hasn't either given or received a box of Lindt Lindor chocolates. These morsels of smooth creamy truffle make for an easy Secret Santa present, as they are they are guaranteed to be liked by almost everyone! The classic boxes also come in a variety of flavours, ranging from orange to strawberry to coconut. The Lindor range also extends to chocolate bars, and a Christmas range - making it one of the most popular ranges we sell at British Essentials.

Lindt Excellence

Looking for melt on your mouth chocolate to share, and in a huge variety of cocoa levels and flavours? Look no further than Lindt Excellence. From 99% Cocoa, Extra Creamy, Dark Chilli and Sea Salt Caramel - Lindt Excellence offers a range of chocolate to suit all tastes. Perfect as a part of a gift hamper or a movie night treat.

It's also worth noting that Lindt Excellence is not the only chocolate bars available in the Lindt range. Lindt Gold Bars big and ideal for sharing, and Lindt Les Grandes are chunkier with nut pieces, for those who love a bit of texture.

Lindt Collections and Assortments

Of course, no chocolate brand is complete without a choice of chocolate collections and assortments, ideal for gift-giving and passing round at Christmas. Whether you like truffles, praline, nuts or caramel, these boxes are guaranteed to have all of your favourites. A few stand outs include the Swiss Luxury Selection, available in two sizes, which is a collection of dark, milk and white Swiss chocolates, and the Creations Dessert Assortment - a selection of praline chocolates designed around popular desserts, such as Tiramisu and Crème Brûlée.

Lindt Christmas & Easter

If you've lived in Britain and somehow not come across Lindt before, you may still be aware of the Lindt Gold Bunny that populates the supermarkets at Easter time, and the equally popular Lindt Gold Reindeer for Christmas. Keep an eye out for some of these Lindt classics in our Christmas collection here at British Essentials - coming soon!

Finding Lindt Chocolate in the USA

As with many British and European brands, finding Lindt in the States can be a difficult task. If you crave some of your favourite Lindt products as much as we do, then come and take a look out our range of Lindt chocolate, and even more of your favourite chocolate brands, on our website!
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