Chocolate Brands Brits Can’t Live Without

There really is no denying that as a nation, Brits love chocolate. The shelves in our corner shops are lined with bars of all flavours, shapes and sizes, and you will never struggle to get your hands on your favourite British sweet treat. However, this can’t be said for other countries and it isn’t uncommon for Brits who have moved abroad to struggle to find any decent chocolate, let alone the brands they know and love. 

Arguably, nothing beats British chocolate, it is richer, smoother and has a much more distinct flavour than the chocolate you can pick up abroad. So it is no surprise that many Brits struggle to live without the bars they were used to enjoying here in the UK. Even if you’ve been living on the other side of the world for a while now, you can almost guarantee that you miss one of the following brands from time to time. 


Many Brits will agree that Cadbury is the holy grail when it comes to chocolate and there really is nothing better than a bar of Cadbury, even if it’s a simple bar of dairy milk. Since being founded back in 1824 in Birmingham, Cadbury has been the go-to chocolate brand for Brits and whilst it is possible to get Cadbury elsewhere in the world, many say that it isn’t the same as it is here in the UK. There really is something for everyone within the Cadbury range of chocolate. 


Whilst Nestle is a Swiss company, it is one that lots of Brits love and when it comes to chocolate, Nestle produces some of the most loved sweet treats here in the UK. From the simple KitKat to the bubbly Aero, the range of Nestle chocolate bars that you’ll find in even the smallest of shops is incredibly vast and you won’t struggle to buy something to cure your chocolate cravings. By some, Nestle is even considered to be better than Cadbury. 

Hotel Chocolat 

If you don’t live in the UK then you might not know the brand Hotel Chocolat, but if you’ve tried their chocolate once then you definitely won’t be able to forget them. This brand is much smaller than Cadbury and Nestle, but its chocolate does not disappoint. Many love the unique flavours that Hotel Chocolat uses, such as their Eton mess and lemon cheesecake flavours in their fruity H-box. Every chocolate that you eat from this brand simply tastes luxurious. 


This is another Swiss chocolate company that Brits have grown to love and you can expect to find a range of Lindt products in British food shops. Their Lindor truffles are probably one of the most popular products enjoyed by Brits all year round and they are incredibly moreish. However, when it comes to Easter, nothing beats the Lindt gold bunny. When wanting something a little bit fancier than a standard bar of chocolate, Lindt is by far one of the most popular brands. 


Again, you might not be familiar with Thorntons if you’ve never lived in the UK, but since 1911, this English chocolate brand has been loved by Brits. Thorntons chocolate stores are a common sight on UK high streets and they offer a brilliant selection of chocolate with something to suit all tastes. They’re probably most well-known for their classic collection and a box of Thorntons always makes a brilliant gift for any chocoholic. 

Purchasing British Products in Australia

There is no denying that all of the famous chocolate brands mentioned above are loved by Brits not only here in the UK but worldwide as well and if you’ve recently moved thousands of miles away, nothing will replace English chocolate. No matter what your favourite brand may be or which chocolate bar is your go-to, you will probably be searching for ways to get your hands on this sweet treat and, thankfully, we can help you out here at British Essentials. 

As a British import store, you can rely on us to provide you with all of the British chocolate and groceries that you’re looking for, no matter where you are in the world. We frequently ship British products to Australia and just because you’re now living down under doesn’t mean you have to go without. Our core mission is to make British food and drink accessible to everyone around the world, so be sure to explore our online food store today to see what we can offer you. You can trust that you’ll come across all of your favourite British sweet treats.

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