Must-Have British Sweets For A Staycation Road Trip

Going on holiday is something that everyone looks forward to and you don’t necessarily have to go abroad to have an amazing time. In fact, lots of brits will simply drive to the coast or to the countryside for a week away with their family and have an unforgettable holiday. When doing so, people will stock up on snacks for the journey to prevent having to pay extortionate service station prices and it is fair to say that ‘car sweets’ are a must-buy.

Every family has their own go-to bag of sweets for a long journey and they are always the perfect sugary pick me up when you’ve been driving for a while. Whilst there are so many different British sweets to choose from in a supermarket, lots of families will actually pick up the same few bags to keep in the car. If you’re wondering what these popular sweets are, below we have looked into the must-haves for your next staycation road trip. 


A bag or a tube of mints is a classic travel companion and it isn’t uncommon for people to keep mints in their car even when they aren’t going on holiday. When it comes to buying some British sweets for a long car journey, mints might not be the most exciting choice, but they remain to be one of the most popular and they are perfect for a mid-journey refreshment. 

Of course, mints are a great alternative to chewing gum when you’re stuck in the car without a bin and they’re much more child-friendly too. 

When buying mints for the car, lots of families will choose;

Hard-boiled sweets 

You can almost guarantee that every family will buy at least one bag of hard-boiled sweets whenever they go on holiday and they are undeniably a staple for any long car journey. This type of sweet is perfect for avoiding the dry throat that you can get when travelling for hours and they always taste delicious too. 

If you get hard-boiled sweets it will take you longer to finish the packet as well and you won’t have eaten them all when you’re only an hour from home. 

When opting for some hard-boiled sweets, Bits usually buy; 

  • Humbugs
  • Pear drops 
  • Werther’s Original
  • Ricola
  • Sherbert lemons
  • Rhubarb and custard

Individually wrapped sweets 

There are pros and cons to taking individually wrapped sweets with you in the car, but they are still a very popular choice. The wrappers are great because they stop the sweets from all sticking together, making them perfect for summer, but you will probably end up having empty wrappers all over the backseat. 

Lots of families like the fact that individually wrapped sweets provide variety too and you can buy one bag but have lots of different flavours to enjoy. 

When getting individually wrapped sweets, popular choices include; 

Chewy sweets 

It goes without saying that almost all families will pick up a bag or two of chewy sweets for a road trip and you can’t go wrong with this type of sweet. Even though lots of chewy sweets are moreish and a bag might not last you long, they’re a no mess and no fuss option, and they can be enjoyed by the whole family too. 

With so many different chewy sweets to choose from in supermarkets these days, you will never struggle to find something everyone likes either. 

When stocking up on chewy sweets, families tend to get; 

Purchasing British sweets in Canada or elsewhere in the world 

All in all, staycations are very popular here in the UK and if you’ve ever been on a family road trip then it is highly likely that some of the bags of sweets mentioned above will have been your go-to ‘car sweets’. There is no denying that all of these bags make the perfect travel snack for a long journey and you won’t be counting down the miles to the next service station when you have a few of them with you. 

If you no longer live in the UK and you’re wanting to stock up on the sweets you used to buy for an upcoming road trip, be sure to visit the British Essentials website. We pride ourselves on making British foods and drinks available to everyone around the world, so whether you’re trying to get British sweets in Canada, Australia or anywhere else, we can ship all of your favourites to you. We have been exporting for many years now and you can rely on us to provide you with all of the British brands you know and love.

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