Classic British Traditions All Expats Should Experience Part 1

We talk about a lot of events and places overseas on this site, but we hardly give any love to our funky little island. Since, well despite its shortcomings, it’s got a lot to offer those either coming over to us for the first time or people who are heading home.

So, in the sense of national pride and trying to be positive regarding everything going on in the world, here is our list of ‘must do’s’ whilst you're here. (we were gonna call it ‘BEFORE YOU DIE’ but that makes things seem like we’re on a bloomin time limit)

The pub

Let's start in the pub  the best times often do (Hardly starts with a green tea does it?). Expats who have just moved to the UK will be under no illusion how much we love the boozer.

Us brits are drawn to the our locals like a magpie to shiny things, the range of pubs  available for people to occupy are almost limitless, From trendy bars that seems to think bringing you your food on a shovel is acceptable to Salt of the earth, good old fashioned,  weatherspoons. I kid, there are plenty  of lovely country establishments and new age drinking locations across the UK.

A couple of our favourites are;

  • The Old Inn Discover top quality seafood and Highland hospitality at one Scotlands classic Inns.
  • The Cinnamon Kitchen Cinnamon Kitchen’s #HouseofHoli is back – bigger, better and brighter than ever! Leave the dull, grey City at the door, don your protective white suit, and step into the madness at the House of Holi, for thirty minutes of paint-pelting friends, family and colleagues! Sitting amongst the skyscrapers and the concrete, Cinnamon Kitchen


People  heading to the UK may believe that the food is going to be awful and, to be fair, in the 60’s and 70’s it may have well been, but hienz have brought out baked beans with sausages in them now so were much better.

Most cities will have restaurants for just about every type of cuisine available, So we’ve laid out a london based food adventure for expats to experience the all of the best we have to offer.

Breakfast: Hawksmoor Guildhall

The capital’s undisputed masters of meat offer up pretty much the whole of Old MacDonald’s farm for two to gorge upon, from snout to tail.

Lunch Poppies Fish & Chips

It’s this winning formula which has earned Poppie’s cult-status. A combination of ethical awareness, care and precision, mixed with decades of experience, jellied eels, and a hefty dose of East End charm.

Dinner Harwood Arms

Hidden away in the back streets of Fulham, the Harwood offers award-winning food and wine in a casual and relaxed setting. We champion the very best British produce with a focus on game and wild food. We are also currently the only Michelin-starred pub in London.


We’ve covered the best sweets already in our ‘Top 10 British Sweets’ post but you we haven't spoken about the best sweet shops!

Hardys Sweet Shop

M&M's World


You can't get more traditional than cricket. This summer sport is played with a bat and ball and is very popular. Most grounds also allow you to take in alcohol just incase you find it to be the most mind numbing thing on earth on your first visit!

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