Settling in (Updated for 2018!)

Welcome back to our blog on settling in for expats! We decided to cover some more topics than out last edition to help out our readers! We will go in depth on things such as dealing with culture shocks, making...

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Is our food gross?

Here at British essentials we know that the UK certainly has no shortage of weird food, (haggis anyone?) We've compiled a list of iconic British foods, that most people outside of the UK would probably find downright weird. Let's start...

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Learning the native tongue.

So you're all settled in, new job, home and starting to find a new social circle. But you're still having trouble with the language, it's time to learn it! Self Teaching Self teaching can be a very cost effective and...

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Expat Manual 2018

At british Essentials we strive not only to bring you the best british products to your doorstep wherever you are in the world, we also try and help expats get the most from their time overseas, we have decided to...

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Bright side of brexit

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, and many if not most British expats are deeply concerned. But there are a few silver linings... perhaps. Brits are fed up with all the negativity have asked us to try and...

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Signs you're never Leaving the US

There are really only 2 types of British expats, those who moved here with an end date, and the others never thought of permanently relocating but stayed here because the food was so much better over here (aside from the...

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