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At british Essentials we strive not only to bring you the best british products to your doorstep wherever you are in the world, we also try and help expats get the most from their time overseas, we have decided to make a guide for beginning a expat adventure! Part one is deciding where in the world to live, (literally)

Choosing Where in The World to Live

Choosing where in the world to live can be very difficult. People make international moves for many reasons. They may have been offered a job, may be considering retiring abroad or simply an extended holiday. Most expats of course know why and where they want to move however.

Using subjects that many expatriates will hold in high regard when considering a relocation, we have assessed the countries against one another in to produce our own ranking of the top expat destinations so that, whatever your situation, you can see how popular expat destinations stack up against one another.

Cost of living.

One of the biggest, and most important concerns for many expatriates when choosing where in the world to live is the cost of living and many people are concerned about how the new location will compare to the location that they currently live in.

Healthcare provisions.

The quality of healthcare available in a destination is something that expatriates will always concern themselves with. It is important to note that public healthcare may not always be available to expats within these countries and it is therefore important that you consult the comprehensive information available within the relocation guide to learn more about the specifics of any country you are considering relocating to in regards to healthcare that is available to you and your family.


A significant consideration of any expat considering a move abroad is safety and, in particular, the levels of crime in a country to which they are considering moving to. Crime figures can be found quite easily online and should be most certainly used as a part of your consideration process for moving.

After all the hardship and have finalized the move overseas and started to put everything in place that you will need, once the excitement of moving away to a far away land has subsided, you will need to divert your attention away and concentrate on planning the next step of your move.

Significant amount quite frankly boring tasks you will need to carry out to tie up any existing commitments before you start afresh. Of course, the last thing you want to do is to arrive for your new life suddenly bam! issues outstanding from your previous life smackdown your enthusiasm quicker than the pound after brexit. So obviously, planning is absolutely essential.

So this post is to simply help you the budding fresh faced expat remember what areas of your mve need to be done/remembered to be done during the relocation process. We hope that we can assist your transition to be as stress free as possible.

Banking, money & taxes: Appropriate management of your finances will be critical to ensuring that you can enjoy your new life abroad without leaving a mess behind you. Make sure whatever savings you are taking over can be placed in a safe place, most countries have a service for transfers domestically and for expats coming over so find the best accounts for your money and get the process started as early as possible!

House: Well this part really needs no introduction does it? You need to sort out the house you will be leaving! If you own a property you will need to make a decision as to whether you should sell your house or rent it out. Depending on of course how quickly you are moving the best course of action is as follows,

Lots of time and spare money = Keep house empty

Lots of time and need money = Sell up for extra cash for the move

Hardly any time and spare money = Rent for extra income and less hassle of selling

Hardly any time and need money = Rent for extra income and less hassle of selling

Language: Learning the language of your destination country may assist your transition. Websites and apps such as duolingo.com will get you up to at least a day to day useful level.

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