Signs you're never Leaving the US

There are really only 2 types of British expats, those who moved here with an end date, and the others never thought of permanently relocating but stayed here because the food was so much better over here (aside from the chocolate). Here are some things that will decipher whether you're a long serving tourist of full on adopted american.

Your accent has changed

This group most likely to never return home. If they do, they’re in for a world of pain and mockery from mates and family for the over pronunciation of every other word.

Your dictionary turns american

If you live anywhere long enough, you eventually start to think in the local dialect. The fact you rarely use the “u” key on your keyboard anymore, and the “z” sees a lot more action than ever, you might as well stick a the stars and stripes up on the side of your house and call it a quits.

You bought a house here

We this one is obvious….starting on the property ladder is hard enough in britain but if you’re prepared to put in research, build a credit score from scratch, and of course spend the cash, you can get some walls and a roof thrown in for free. Obviously once you’ve done all this, you’ll likely be a ‘little’ hesitant of leaving. So i hate to break it to you, British homeowners in the states., but you’re here for life.

You married an American

Another obvious one, if you happen to meet the love of your life in the U.S., you’re probably going to stick around for the duration. PRO TIP; perhaps double check they didn’t just marry you for rights to settle in the U.K, if so good luck with THAT conversation.

American issues concern you

So you’ve been here a while, you've stopped checking sky news for what's going on back home, you’ve started to turn on the local news more and more. There’s probably no turning back.

Britain feels less like home

When you start to feel the U.K. feels less like a familiar pair of joggers and more like a ill fitting, Union Jack corset, you’ll have passed the point of no return. Perhaps these days casual swearing in your old local boozer makes you mildly uncomfortable.

The Brits have stopped asking when you’re moving back

The point at which your friends and family accept you’re a lifer is the ultimate confirmation you’re never heading home. For they’re merely reflecting to you your own sense of happiness with your newfound homeland.

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