The 13 countries with the best quality education in the world, according to expats

When moving abroad, especially when you have a family, there is a lot of risk when it comes to getting the best education for either yourself, your partner or your children. Healthcare, safety, and the cost of living are crucially important.
Education in the countries listed below can come at a price, but the quality of education in these nations are considered the best in the world by expats.

Czech Republic, Education is highly affordable for the Scandinavian country with a high standard to boot

Austria,  Aside from birthing the terminator, the quality of education is also rated favorably by expat parents.

India, Education in India is of a high standard, but it comes at a price for expats with visa and general tuition being quite high.

Netherlands, While at risk of flooding by a small breeze from the ocean, the low-lying European nation is highly regarded in terms of its education standards.

Belgium, A good third of expat parents consider the quality of education in Belgium very good, and the waffles aren't bad either!

Hong Kong, china's crown jewel is one of the most sought after locations for education, thus making it very costly and hard to get into, the quality of education however does match the demand.

South Korea Education quality in South Korea has increased dramatically over the past few years, expats are  rating the quality of education as excellent.

Switzerland The chocolate loving, machine gun toting swiss are regarded as one of the best countries in regards to the quality of life, with the quality of education among the best in the world as well

Singapore Expats in Singapore are not particularly happy with the cost of education in the city-state, but with the quality of the education being so high, you get what you pay for.

Finland  however is the top country for expat education, expats in the vast majority say that the country's education system is top quality and what we think is the best in the world, (aside from the UK of course)
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