The Sauces That British People Love With Their Chips

Chips are a staple part of many British people’s diet; they go with various different dishes, and can also be fantastic when you are simply wanting a tasty snack to tide yourself over until your next big meal. Whilst you can certainly eat them as they are, you might like to find a sauce that enhances your overall experience. With a number of years under our belts operating in the food industry, British Essentials is perfectly poised to walk you through the sauces that British people cannot get enough of.


Some people believe that, as far as sauces go, mayonnaise is iconic, and it is rather difficult to disagree with this line of thinking. In particular, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise has always been popular - whether you are eating in a restaurant, or simply relaxing at home, this is a sauce that cannot be knocked off of its pedestal. The creamy nature of mayonnaise makes it a natural accompaniment to crispy chips. Regardless of if you opt for the thinner variety, or are a lover of chunky chips, you can be rest-assured that you will have a smile on your face when you squirt some mayonnaise on the side of your plate.  

Peri-Peri Sauce

Even if you have moved abroad, the chances are that you will be well-versed with the Nando’s popularity, particularly amongst members of the younger generation. It is from this that the Peri-Peri sauce has emerged as a firm favourite; it offers a distinct kick with each-and-every mouthful, which some people love. Whilst certainly not for the fainthearted, if you are someone that enjoys spicy food this is a must-have within your collection of sauces.


Should you be someone that enjoys a rich and smoky flavour when you are consuming your chips, your search for a solution has come to an end - you need to purchase some barbecue sauce. As soon as the sun starts to shine, and people begin to flock outdoors for their meals, this is a sauce which sees its stock rise considerably. It has to be said that this is somewhat of a niche sauce, and is not to everyone’s liking; however, British people will testify that they will always keep a bottle close at hand.


Although it is last to feature on this list, most people agree that when they are presented with a plate of chips, it is ketchup that they immediately reach for. Despite there being numerous variations that you can now choose, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone that does not prefer the classic tomato flavour. This is a sauce which you will have likely first experienced as a child, and those memories are probably incredibly strong to this day. An iconic sauce that can be paired with numerous types of British food, ketchup is something that won’t be going anywhere in the near future. 

We’re Here To Help

Do you miss being able to browse around British supermarkets and be presented with a wide-array of choice whenever you were shopping for food? Ever since you have moved abroad, have you had a burning desire to be able to sample some of the sauces from your childhood? If you responded positively to either of these questions, you will be thrilled to learn that British Essentials has you covered. 

When you first look at our collection of products, you will be amazed at the diverse nature of the options that we possess. Should you be looking to place an order as soon as possible, your best course of action is to ring us directly on 01480 700910 - we look forward to hearing from you. 

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