Starting Your Day The Right Way With Favourite British Cereals

As you’re probably aware, the local cuisine differs from county to country and a ‘standard’ meal can look very different depending on where you’re living. When it comes to breakfasts, generally speaking, many European countries, from France to Italy, will enjoy something quite similar and it isn’t uncommon for people to eat pastries and bread products in the morning that are usually accompanied by jam, honey and other tasty spreads

However, here in the UK, lots of families will fill their cupboards with boxes of cereal and many will opt for a bowl of something with milk over any other type of breakfast available. Whilst the USA is well known for its variety of different cereals, the UK isn’t far behind and it is far to say that we really do have a number of must-try boxes of cereal too. If you currently live in France and are wondering what some of the early morning favourites are in this regard, below we have listed some of the most popular British cereals. 

Kellogg’s cereal

When choosing a breakfast cereal, many will automatically turn to Kellogg’s and they really do have a number of delicious boxes to choose from. When you look at the range of Kellogg’s cereal, you will see that they have the perfect box for every member of the family, even the kids, and some of the most popular boxes include; 

Nestle cereal

Another incredibly sought-after brand when it comes to breakfast cereals is Nestle and, again, they have an impressive selection to choose from. This Brand is one that many will turn to for a range of delicious sweet treats, especially chocolate, and when it comes to their cereal, lots of Brits really enjoy; 

Quaker cereal 

Whilst there is some controversy surrounding whether porridge is really a cereal, it is found in the same aisle in British supermarkets, so it deserves a place on this list. Many people in the UK will enjoy porridge in the morning and when they do, Quaker is their go-to brand. Some popular Quaker products include;

Weetabix cereal 

This type of cereal is a must-have in many British households and as well as being enjoyed with milk, people will eat Weetabix in many different ways, such as with yoghurt and fruit or honey. It is definitely one of the most versatile breakfast cereals on the market and when wanting Weetabix, many will buy a box of; 

Jordans cereal 

If they want a healthier option to some of the sugary breakfast cereals provided by other brands, lots of Brits will opt for a box of Jordans. However, just because their products tend to have no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives, doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyable and lots of people will choose to purchase a box of; 

Buying British products in France

There really is no denying that we have a number of delicious cereals to choose from here in the UK and it is easy to see why this is such a popular breakfast choice. Whilst some will still enjoy toast in the mornings, you can almost guarantee that every British household will have a least one box of cereal in their cupboard. So, if you live in France, it is worthwhile trying some of the different cereals mentioned above. 

When searching for somewhere to buy British products in France, the British Essentials website is the best place to be. We have been exporting British food and drink products since 2014 and it has always been our aim to make it easy for people all over the world to enjoy traditionally British products. Whether you’re stocking up on cereals and tea bags or you want to treat yourself to some classic sweet treats, whenever you need British products in France, we’re by far the best website to turn to. 

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