Ways To Enjoy Weetabix

Packed with wholegrain, high in fibre and fortified with vitamins and iron, Weetabix is arguably the nation's favourite healthy cereal! Not only is it filling and nutritious, but there are an endless number of topping combinations that make breakfast time both interesting and delicious! Fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, syrup or yoghurt - however you top your Weetabix, the brand has expanded over the years to include all kinds of variations on the classic cereal, suitable for the whole family!

Weetabix Original

We all know the original Weetabix is the classic (and arguably the best), and there are so many reasons why it is enjoyed by so many of us every day. Not only are there countless of different topping options that can change up the theme of your breakfast, and it can be eaten both hot and cold, meaning it's perfect for all-year-round! 

Weetabix Crispy Minis

Weetabix Minis are bitesize versions of the cereal, and what's better, they come in chocolate chip or fruit and nut! Due to their smaller size, Weetabix Minis are much easier to eat before the milk is too absorbed, avoiding the oatmeal-like texture not everyone is a fan of with the original, larger biscuits.

Weetabix Chocolate and Banana

Bored of the original? Not to worry, Weetabix also comes in different flavours such as chocolate and banana! Not only do they taste great, but changing up the flavour of the base of your breakfast can make for an even better flavour combinations when it comes to toppings.


Exactly as the name suggests, Oatibix is made with wholegrain oats instead of wheat and is a high fibre alternative to the classic. Just like the original, these biscuits can be topped with different kinds of fruit, yoghurt, syrups etc. Enjoy hot or cold!

Weetabix On the Go

In a rush? Weetabix On the Go bottles are the brand's first breakfast drink, coming in vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. If you love your Weetabix extra soggy, or drinking the excess milk from your cereal bowl, then you'll definitely appreciate these! Pop in you bag on your way out the door or keep them in he fridge at work. 

Enjoying Weetabix outside of the UK 

Weetabix is widely known for being one the most nutritious and popular cereals on the market, but finding it outside of the UK can be a challenge! Luckily, here at British Essentials, we stock all the products listed above, and more! Shop now.

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